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  • Michael Riley

    What a bunch of absolute horse manure.
    I’m sure the perpetrators of the increased violence were first in line for the gift.

  • Arthur Facteau

    What a bunch of fools…

    • ncskeptic

      Not as foolish as you think. One plastic handled BB gun was turned in during the entire ‘event’ , and that was done tongue-in-cheek to mock the program. Anyone who thinks Greensboro is disarmed may get a nasty surprise.

      • Arthur Facteau

        I hope your right about that!

        • ncskeptic

          I am in a position to know.

  • grama18

    Who in the world was behind this stupid idea. Criminals will not give up their guns. And my shotgun ,stays , I will keep IT ! Crooks beware.

  • IrishKnight

    Guess the government just found an ideal place to dump a few thousand “refugees”.

    • ncskeptic

      The only gun turned in was a plastic handled BB gun. We’re not as stupid here as some would have you believe. The picture in the article is random.

      • lingling

        Good to hear that.

      • Gator

        Good for you. But you sure have some stupid leadership there. Time to cure that.

  • Jeff Passmore

    the real shame, some of the ignorant people talked into doing this probably are throwing away hundreds of dollar. I bet the Greensboro cops are going through the bag. Life is hard, harder if you are stupid.

  • CB

    Your dumber than dumb if your not armed 24/7 , the world is not going to get better

  • frankenbiker

    LMFAO. If they think they’ve got a crime problem now, just wait, it’ll double in the next few months. Fcking idiots. What kind of moron is going to give up the only protection one has for his family? Why a liberal of course, they’ll give the rapist, robber, murderer a big hug and everything will be right as rain, and rosy.

  • Combat_Vet

    Greensboro, = the new San Francisco , Chicago. Bunch of just plain dumb a_s people

  • dubyads


  • Harold


  • Brian Goss

    What is worse is that now the criminals have 3 times as many guns as the public instead of at least even odds. People are commiting crimes against their selves. I would call it felony endangerment.