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  • dhd123

    First, it not the governments business if I own or don’t own firearms. the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. There is no caveat to that like unless they have PTS or anything else. These anti gun libtards just think they add or remove words to the bill of rights as they see fit, I have news for them, trying that is the quickest way to get yourself in a world of hurt.

    • robertdavidhummel

      dhd123… That’s a BIG 10-4… They better NOT come to My Door.

    • Beckah

      They know the first group to stand up to the tyranny will be the vets; remove firearms from the vets and the sheeple will fall in line. Easiest way to disarm the vets? Use the VA! Want to use your benefits from the VA? Just give us your guns and we’ll put you on the list!

      • dhd123

        I have never been asked if I own or gave access to guns, if they asked, I would not answer those type questions. Everyone needs to remember, as G. Gordon Liddy has said,” I may be prohibited from owning firearms but my wife still can own as many as she wants.”

  • USMC 64-68

    The Clintons are part of America’s largest crime family: the democrat party, which is our nation’s greatest enemy.

    The commiecrats have waged a war on our individual rights, liberty and personal property for 100 years. Their Marxist assault on our Constitution has picked up speed and strength under their Dear Leader.

    They will not rest until the last embers of our nation’s founding values and principles have been extinguished.

  • Pb B

    Jae Ashley Stewart is a flaming liberal therefore has a mental disease. Like any illness there are various degrees of affliction. Like most illnesses they are generally controlled by treatment . To automatically condemn someone because they have an illness without considering all relative factors is something only a liberal would do. Because you are a liberal and based on your own stated beliefs I conclude you are mentally deficient therefore should not be allowed to drive a vehicle, vote or even exist. Sounds like your level of thinking. I sure can tell you are a hillary, bernie and obama supporter.

    • Ed Wade

      Or, most importantly, to breed! In fact, I think its high time to cull the herd.

      • banjojack

        “Cull the herd?” I was thinking we should drain the end of the gene pool from which they slithered. It’s probably stagnant, anyway.

  • Ed Wade

    Jae Ashley Stewart, Your ignorance is displayed for all to see when you use the word McCarthyism as if there were any truth to what the liberals (communists) claimed. Joe McCarthy was a hero, and was proven to be 100% correct. And Ted Cruz backed the TPP. I pray you don’t bother to vote … ever.

  • Uheshe

    What record is there of veterans with PTSD using guns against fellow Americans?

    • Beckah

      Only one that I know of, and unfortunately it was quite public.

      RIP Chris Kyle.

      • Uheshe

        RIP Chris Kyle. The majority of soldiers and vets didn’t get PTSD.

  • David Blakeman

    The Clinton’s do not want citizens, they want subjects. Bernie wants to give away everything including the house cat. Trump the conman/bully, is trying to figure how to get his ego to fit into the white house, so he can fleece the country and nuke the rest of the world. Why don’t we have a “NONE OF THE ABOVE” check box on the ballot? Washington DC, about that strange noise that you are hearing, it is the Founding Fathers spinning in their tombs.
    I am a Viet Nam Veteran.
    When I swore my oath to defend my country from all enemies
    foreign and domestic. Little did I realize that it would be from
    my own Government.

    I Love My Country, it’s my Government that I don’t trust.
    And my Oath of Enlistment has no expiration date.

  • Webb

    To All Voting Democrats….
    Gun Rights, Keep Them But Not If You Vote For Democrats…Make A Choice!!
    Help Protect The Vets, That Protected YOU…

  • David Blakeman

    You have to remember that Ronny Reagan is the one that closed all the asylums, and kicked out all the inmates on to the streets. Before his time it was relatively safe on the streets. Then Big Brother says you can’t punish your children when they do wrong, so now we have a sector of society that believe they have a right do anything they want when ever they want to do it. This is not the country that I was born into, It has turned into nuthouse. And now the inmates are running the Government.