Harley Davidson Cancels Trump Visit to their Factory

Unfortunately Harley Davidson had to bow to the pressures from the Alt-Left. Fear of protests if President trump visited their factory prompted them to withdraw from being his host. It is a damn shame that the President of the United States of America can be limited by a violent and vocal minority. It looks like Hate Trumps Love in some parts of our nation.

As Written By Max Greenwood for The Hill:

President Trump’s scheduled trip to a Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee on Thursday has been canceled over the likelihood of protests, CNN reported Tuesday.

An administration official told the news network that the plans were scrapped after the motorcycle giant became uncomfortable with the threat of demonstrations.

Over the weekend, massive protests broke out at airports across the country after Trump signed an executive order on Friday banning citizens of certain Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. Other large protests were planned for the president’s Milwaukee visit, according to CNN.

Trump was originally supposed to head to the factory for a tour on …….


Trump cancels Harley Davidson factory visit over planned protests: report | TheHill

CNN Reports:

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump will not head to Milwaukee for a previously scheduled visit of a Harley-Davidson factory after the company decided it wasn’t comfortable hosting him amid planned protests, an administration official said Tuesday.

Trump had been scheduled to tour the factory Thursday where he also planned to sign executive orders related to American manufacturing.
White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham confirmed Trump is not expected to go to Milwaukee on Thursday.
Harley-Davidson did not immediately respond to CNN requests for…. keep reading here: CNN



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  • DenverKitty

    I really cannot believe that Harley-Davidson CAVED to “anticipated protests”. I’ll never buy another Harley again….talk about wussies!

    • angryinCalif

      RIGHT ON

    • Karl Rand

      EXACTLY> caved to anticipated. Does Harley have someone working there with a BRAIN. Bikers for Trump, Harley corp. is a bunch of WUSSIES.

      • DenverKitty

        Karl….I’ve been a PROUD Harley owner for more years than I care to count. I’m just so SHOCKED that they displayed COWARDICE at “anticipated” protests!

  • KC


  • Taking care of business!

    So much for the rough-tough image of HD. I hope they go out of business. Maybe Indian will return, again. I don’t know if this ruined indian directly (I’m not a motorcyclist.), but this I viewed on the History Channel about HD. During (perhaps before) WWII, the Government specified a 250cc motorcycle be built for the ARMY. Remember the design was limited to 250cc. HD violated the specification and designed a 500cc motorcycle and was awarded the contract. Snakes, both. Then there was the AMf-Harley Davidson Frankenstein Monster. Seems Harley doesn’t care much about ethics, image, or public relations. Perhaps they should market a 50cc-moped model, dubbed the Snowflake. It’ll have a catalytic converter, air bags, and a roll-cage. Oh, yes. And, of course, standard equipment will be a flag-pole bracket to support a burning American flag and enough seating for one’s Marxist, homosexual lover. Putt, putt.

    • Beckah

      You forgot that it has to be electric!

      • Taking care of business!

        Thanks, how could have forgotten–and solar, to fry birds! And wind-driven, to kill eagles.

  • eddyjames

    As a long time Harley owner, I must express my dissatisfaction with the Harley Corp. Bowing down to liberals that wouldn’t be caught dead on a Motorcycle.
    After I finally pay mine off, if I keep it that long, I will be looking at new Indian motorcycles. They too are American made and hopefully more pro American in their views.

  • Beckah

    Maybe HD should check on Target’s store numbers and stock price? I know they are feeling the effects of leaning too far left!
    Sad day in America, I thought HD was tougher than that!

  • Blitzkrieg

    Harley has been castrated, lives in fear.

    The right needs to be as equally bold as the left, sans violence and treason. If you don’t fight the left for every inch, you won’t win the battle.

    You have at least four years under Trump to get it done.

    Get working… NOW.

  • samdog123

    I think we will sell our Harley. That is it. A company based in and on America, this is treason.

  • Crystal Waters

    Fire the CEO who made that decision.
    He might as well have painted the Harley logo yellow.

    • Larry Cole

      Make the logo rainbow colors

  • LibSic

    I was just about to buy a BRAND NEW bike! NO WAY NOW! PERIOD, let the broke libs run your company IDIOTS!

    • Robyn York McCoach

      The story is fake, there was never a visit scheduled, and at this point I’m re- thinking Allen West Republic

      • LibSic


  • knarly1Kathleen Bair

    No company should ever cow tow to mob rule!!!! Ever…..

  • Snark Master


  • redtruck38

    I cannot believe it!!! The “Harley-Davidson people” = Pussies!!!
    I guess I’ll have to buy a riceburner. Too bad, I used to look up to you pussified bastards!!!

  • Robyn York McCoach

    I have been riding my Harley for more than 40 years, and I am ashamed of Harley Davidson for the first time since they sold out to AMF

    Just where do you think his voters came from, your damn right we rode in on our iron horses

  • Podesta’s Party Bus


  • Mike Davis

    I ride a Road King but the new Indian is starting to look really good for this summer. Harley you bit the hands that feed you.. Who are the people, (hint) Bikers for Trump, that ride your machines? Are you blind? Such a shame for a company that is supposed to be bad ass to bow down to the leftist..

  • Deb Peavy

    Wow! Did they somehow forget how YUGE the ‘Bikers for Trump’ group is? Stupid is, as stupid does.

  • Dick

    would this have nothing to do with Trumps unannounced trip to pay honor to the fallen Navy Seal in Yemen?

  • Mike Oswald

    Libtards don’t even ride Harleys, they take the Uber to Starbucks.

  • Eric Hedberg

    If you idiots actually watch the news, Harley-Davidson visted the White House this morning.. Fake news.. comon guys.