HERRIDGE: State Dept In ‘Clear Violation Of The Law’ By Not Investigating Hillary [VIDEO]

On it’s face, it’s a clear violation and double standard that’s at play here.

Listen to Catherine Herridge explain exactly how and what is going on with this case right now


“Look, it’s clear that once a possible compromise of national security defense information — it doesn’t even have to be classified information — is made, it has to be reported. In this case, the State Department would do a damage assessment… Fox News checked with the State Department independently, and there was no confirmation that a damage assessment is being done. On its face, this is a clear violation of the law and the regulations, and critics would say another example of the double standard, Martha, that’s at play here.” Catherine Herridge said.


Catherine Herridge



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  • Kevin Tucker

    Hilary shouldn’t ever be allowed to run for president let alone flip burgers.

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  • ThereAintNoJustice

    Getting the State Department to investigate themselves is almost as stupid and as useless as letting the Iranians investigate their own nuclear facilities.

    • Mike_Travis

      Exactly. How foolish of us to expect a bunch of criminals & traitors to investigate a bunch of criminals and traitors.

      • Mike

        Oh I’m sure they’ll get around to it.