Hijab Wearing, Quran Carrying Women Casing FL Synagogues [VIDEO]

The authorities have downplayed and incident that is worth looking at. Truth Revolt reports that women, donning hijabs and carrying Quran’s were seen “checking out” or as the onlooker called it “casing” Florida synagogues. Watch this video, what do you think?

Truth Revolt Writes:

“If you see something, say something” – then have your legitimate concerns trivialized and dismissed outright by authorities and local media alike.




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  • jobird

    And if you believe no crime was committed just wait, I would advise all Jewish Synagogue to be prepared, this wasn’t an innocent visit. Go on line and C/O how many mosques are in Miami. So maybe some Jews should just go visit them. One good turn(?) deserves another. Mean while in Israel these thugs continue to KILL Jews

  • Michael Riley

    No crime committed….yet. They are coming.
    I would be on high alert status with trained, armed members strategically located, guarding all access points, with a quick reaction force ready to reinforce the point/points of attack.

  • MmeMoxie

    Casing a place alone, is not a crime – BUT, with today’s world and Islamic attacks, I would be HIGHLY suspicious!!! It seems strange to me, that NO other churches in the area were cased out, just the Jewish Synagogue(s). Why would any Muslim be concerned about the times and days, when services or get togethers occur???!!! MAJOR RED FLAGS!!!

  • http://yahoo.com/ DustyFae

    Obama said we do not have to fear widows and orphans LOL l still think that was a message Obama send out to muslims… like the clock boy