Hill Staffer: In 20 Years, Sen. Sessions Hasn’t Said ‘Anything Offensive or Racist’

President-Elect Donald Trump wants Senator Jeff Sessions to be his Attorney General. Mr. Sessions is from Alabama and anyone from Alabama is automatically in the liberal attack zone for being a racist. Not true says an African-American who has known him for 20 plus years. This is just ‘Borking’ another conservative nominee. Read why.

As Written By John Ellis for PJ Media:

After President-elect Donald Trump named Senator Jeff Sessions as his pick for attorney general, liberals began brandishing their pitchforks and lighting their torches. As Trump’s inauguration approaches, they’ve amped up their assault on the character of Senator Sessions. Trotting out decades-old allegations, the left has attempted to brand the senator with the charge of racism. The senator’s camp, of course, hasn’t sat idle, and has directly confronted and answered the accusations.

The point man for Senator Jeff Sessions’ defense is William Smith. Currently Congressman Gary Palmer’s chief of staff, Smith previously worked for Sessions as the chief counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee. In fact, William Smith was the first African-American to serve any member of the Senate Judiciary Committee as chief counsel.

Smith has made the rounds on most of the major media outlets, and in an email statement he has responded to questions from ….


Senator Jeff Sessions Is Not a Racist



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  • Jeff Noncent

    the Democrats who support Obama and his administration are racist just Obama is

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Jeff Sessions is racist because he advocates law and order. Or so, the leftist black “leadership” says. Lack of law and order is why inner cities are in shambles and Obama, Holder, Lynch, Jackson, Sharpton and the usual suspects are to blame.