Hillary Clinton Emails May Cause What?

Oh what a tangled web Hillary weaves. The whole process seems to be overwhelming the FBI. There must be so many trails to follow that it is hard to fathom. What this seems to indicate is that at all levels of government leadership there has been a gross dissregard for communications security of any kind. This must be ferreted out at all levels and corrected for us to survive as a Nation.

Read more in this article from the American Thinker.


As Written By Jonathan F. Keiler, American Thinker:

Perhaps President Obama’s involvement is the reason that the FBI has not yet referred charges to the Justice Department in the Hillary Clinton email case.  It may be metastasizing so quickly and so dangerously that not only are agents and lawyers within the agency having trouble keeping up with new evidence of wrongdoing, but that the scandal itself now threatens a constitutional crisis.  The Department of State’s refusal to release 18 emails exchanged between President Obama and Clinton through her unsecured home server at best creates a conflict of interest for Obama (as explained by Andrew McCarthy here) while at worst it raises the likelihood that the President has run afoul of national security laws and ought to be impeached.

I always assumed that somewhere in the 55,000 plus pages of email that Clinton belatedly turned over to the State Department there must have been exchanges with the President.  White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in March 2015 that the two occasionally emailed each other without specifying whether the emails went through Hillary’s private email. Earnest also said that Obama did not look at email addresses, though the President was aware that Clinton sometimes used private email. (Obama had originally said he learned about the private email through new reports — a typical Obama story — but backtracked later.)  And remember in March, the only admitted concern was whether Clinton had complied with the Federal Records Act.




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  • Ron

    What is the difference between the lying tyranny driven Obama and Clinton? They are both anti American treason bent criminals.

  • John

    0bama did not look at email addresses…0bama did not look at email addresses…0bama did not look at email addresses…this is acceptable from the president of the United States??? Does anyone believe this naive BULL?

    • ThereAintNoJustice

      From any other who held the office of POTUS? No.

  • Al Terego

    Democrats are offended when anyone suggests they SHOULD play by the same “rules” or “laws” as others.

    The only reason she is still walking free is because THIS Democrat party is so much more corrupt, right down to the electorate, than those Republicans who wouldn’t tolerate Nixon’s crap. And it is SOOOOOOOOO observable that it speaks to the population’s loss of ANY character or integrity.

    If you WANT this woman “representing you”, then you are just as dishonest and corrupt as she is; without the mansions and private jets.


    His whole admin would be responsible.

  • ExNola

    It’s probably due to the number of naked selfies between her and DA KINGFISH

  • Publius

    The Clintons are above the LAW. Her hubby lied to congress – a felony – and never punished for it, now she did the same – lied to congress – and she’s still the front runner of the Democrat primary! These two people and the Democrat party are giving America a bad name!

  • dhd123

    These type of people are why our country is in the toilet. They have ruined the education system, the medical system, the military and the country’s standing in the world. They have turned kids into little snots who think the world owes them something with the catch phrases like social justice, racial justice and environmental justice. they have made our country the land of the part time job. Free trade and unions have sent a lot of manufacturing jobs to other countries. Disgraceful.