Hillary Clinton Get’s BOOED on MSNBC [VIDEO]

The Anointed One, Hillary Clinton, does not seem to be getting a pass even on MSNBC anymore. She is used to operating with impunity and having her audience support and cheer even her most outrageous claims and statements. Not so, it seems, when she attacked Bernie Sander’s credentials as a Democrat. Read the not so flattering article below.

As Written By Nikki Schwab, U.S. Political Reporter For Dailymail.com:

Hillary Clinton gets BOOED at MSNBC town hall when she says Bernie Sanders ‘wasn’t really a Democrat’ until he decided to run for president.

  • Some audience members were feeling the Bern and wouldn’t let Hillary Clinton get away with suggesting their candidate wasn’t a Democrat 
  • Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both took turns tonight answering questions in advance of Saturday’s Nevada caucuses 
  • Clinton also answered question on the news of the day including Pope Francis and President Obama’s announced visit to Cuba 

Several members of the audience weren’t feeling Hillary Clinton’s criticism of Bernie Sanders at tonight’s MSNBC Democratic Town Hall in Las Vegas.

Clinton defended her husband’s record and President Obama’s record too and suggested that Sanders was unclear about their accomplishments because he was relatively new to the party.

Then she heard boos. (Emphasis added)

‘I just don’t know where this comes from,’ Clinton began. ‘Maybe it’s because Sen. Sanders wasn’t really a Democrat until he decided to run for president.’

That’s when the boos began.

‘He doesn’t even know what the last two Democratic presidents did,’ she continued.

Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, was Congress’ longest-serving independent before deciding to run for the Democratic nomination in 2015.

Despite the negative responses coming from some parts of the audience, Clinton held her ground.

‘Well, it’s true, it’s true,’ she said. ‘You know it’s true. It happens to be true. And I’ve got to tell you, I look at our last two Democratic presidents, were they perfect? No. No person is. But I’ll tell you I would take the two of them over any Republican anytime, anywhere.




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  • Ant. I. Liberal

    Two OLD White Seniors who have Taken Money From Taxpayers and the Banks all of their Lives and Now are Lying about it ! Just what this Country wants ! NOT !

    • Steve

      They must be racists.

    • America_Woman

      Don’t forget the people that have mysteriously died or murdered as a result of this hag’s actions, inactions and down right lies. I have had enough of her. She’s …

  • DenverKitty

    Hitlery AND Sanders need to be in the dirt…about 6 feet down under.

  • ThereAintNoJustice

    For once, technically, Hillary is correct. Bernie does have an (I-Vermont) after his name on the Senate rolls. Since he has always been what the Democrat party has become in recent years is what makes Hillary wrong, as usual.