Hillary Clinton’s Arf-Arf Analyzed

Dr. Deborah C Tyler, PHD,MA, is a Clinical Psychologist Specialist in Little River, South Carolina. She attended and graduated with honors from Case Western Reserve University School Of Medicine in 1977, having over 39 years of diverse experiences. In this article the Doctor is in and analyzes what she sees as the root causes of the Clinton family behavior. A fascinating read.

Arf Arf hillary

As Written By Deborah C. Tyler, American Thinker:

The psychodynamics of Hillary’s arf-arf:

Time and again, Hillary Clinton says and does things that indicate she is out of touch with her environment and the people around her.  In a recent demonstration of insensitivity, she loudly yapped like a dog at a campaign rally.  Why is she impervious to the offensiveness of her words and destructiveness of her actions?  The answer lies in adult developmental psychology.

Hillary Clinton lived her life in a manner that did not require her to mature psychologically, morally, intellectually, or functionally.  Psychology explains that neither a nation nor an individual advances during a crisis.  A nation at war does not call for a constitutional convention.  An embattled individual in crisis learns only the skills relevant to overcoming the enemy and surviving the crisis.

Hillary Clinton has spent her adult life at war, rumbling over political terrain in a heavily armed battle tank, seeing life through the periscope.  People don’t mature from their successes; they learn from being honest with themselves about their failures and correcting the errors which caused the mistakes to happen.  This is why Hillary has learned so little from life.  The Clintons protect themselves, trust no one, always persevere, and prevail over enemies.  There have been many political war machines, but the greatest of these is the Clintons.  The Clintons never fail.




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  • frankenbiker

    The Clintons are all just pieces of dog sht, including Chelsea.

  • honeybuckets

    Although I’ve never considered this angle before I find this a both an Interesting and likely a true explanation of hildabeast.

  • Karen Stickney

    She’s tired of your hypocrisy and bullying.

    • Billy Bong

      The bully is tired of bullying?

    • djmc993150

      Yes, its so mean of people to expect someone to not commit felonies on an almost daily basis. To not treat national security information that literally put lives in danger (and probably cost some lives) like its a “yoga” schedule.
      Yes, its bullying to expect someone to have a little bit of compassion for a victim and not laugh about tearing apart a 12 year old rape victim in court.
      Yes, its bullying to expect her to be honest to the family of victims of a terrorist attack and not lie to their faces almost literally over their dead bodies.
      Yes it must bullying to expect that someone who has lied before congress be held accountable.

      keep drinking that kool-aid.

    • Smith Jones

      She ain’t seen nothin’ yet, wait until November when she gets the ultimate rejection!!

    • mllacey

      Karen Stickney….Booo HOOOO

    • Retired Marine

      When did you land? You must be from Mars, since you obviously do not recieve any news about her. Can you read? Do you understand english?
      Have you not listened to her? She hates other women, men, blacks, whites or any other colors. Take out the cotton swabs from your ears and LISTEN to the cackleing hag.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    They don’t call her the Hilldog without reason!

  • Rayne

    In other words… If people can never admit they made mistakes, they can’t learn from their mistakes, or learn to make better decisions or how to fix mistakes…So, they can’t mature and become decent, responsible adults… That definitely describes the Clintons… ALL of them… Describes my sister, as well…

  • Smith Jones

    The writer failed to mention that when you see Hillary barking like a dog she is only fueling speculation that she’s crazier than an outhouse rat.