Hillary Clinton’s Gun Control Plan

Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton laid her vision Monday to reduce gun violence in the US in the wake of last week’s mass shooting at a community college in Oregon.

As Reported By Business Insider:

The former US secretary of state’s campaign rolled out an expansive gun-control policy platform as part of the candidate’s campaign swing through New Hampshire.

“It’s time to act on gun violence. We simply cannot accept as normal 33,000 gun deaths a year,”Clinton tweeted Monday.

Clinton has been outspoken on the issue throughout her campaign, expressing exasperation after several mass shootings and calling for policy fixes like universal background checks on gun purchases.

But many of Monday’s proposals go further than what she has advocated or supported in the past.

Here’s a look at some of Clinton’s proposals:

Universal federal background checks. Clinton said she supports the 2013 US Senate bill expanding background checks on gun purchases, which most Republicans argue will not prevent determined individuals from getting their hands on guns. Polls have found that background checks enjoy broad support among most Americans.

Close various loopholes. Clinton’s proposal cited several laws that allow individuals to purchase guns without undergoing existing background checks that look to ensure that gun purchasers do not have a history of court-documented mental illness. The proposal would end the “Charleston loophole” — referring to a shooting earlier this year in South Carolina — a quirk that allows gun sales to go through if a check is not completed within three days.

Repeal a law protecting gun manufacturers from lawsuits. The law is fairly complicated, but gun manufacturers have certain special protections that prevent victims of gun violence from suing for negligence.


Hillary Clinton has laid out a sweeping gun-control plan – Yahoo Finance

Hillary's Gun Grab Plans



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  • USMC 64-68

    Hillary and all of the commiecrats are hypocritical frauds. She’s worked up her crocodile tears in order to fool the useful idiots to help trample our rights and subvert the Constitution.

    Wearing her actor’s mask she is claiming her heart is broken by lost lives – yet the anti-life leftists have racked up a body count of 56 million babies dismembered and sold for “parts.” There is nothing honest about the commiecrats’ agenda.

  • Ferd

    I was hit by a car piloted by a drunk driver.
    Can I now sue the car manufacturer and the booze factory?