The Hillary Email-Server IT Scandal Just Took a Bizarre Twist

Bryan Pagliano, the tech who ran Hillary Clinton’s email server seems to have come by his IT position in a very strange way. He was politically appointed into a technical group. That is weird in itself and leads to speculation that it was his job to bypass State Department.  That way. Hillary Clinton could be provided with the email serve that SHE wanted and not what was best for national security. And who is this Patrick Kennedy that arranged the appointment? Read it all in this article.

Bryan Pagliano Image by Daily Mail UK
Bryan Pagliano Image by Daily Mail UK

As Written By ED MORRISSEY at Hot Air:

Reuters: State Dept managers “baffled” by Pagliano’s political appointment.

How did Bryan Pagliano, the tech who ran Hillary Clinton’s campaign IT efforts, end up with a political appointment to the State Department’s normally apolitical IT group? According to Reuters, no one who worked with Pagliano ever found out, nor did they know of his moonlighting as the man who maintained Hillary’s personal e-mail server. Those arrangements were made by a very familiar figure in the murky world of Hillary’s State Department — Patrick Kennedy, who oversaw security issues for State, including the security decisions that left the consulate in Benghazi fatally exposed:

Soon after Hillary Clinton’s arrival at the State Department in 2009, officials in the information technology office were baffled when told that a young technician would join them as a political appointee, newly disclosed emails show.

The technician, Bryan Pagliano, was running the off-grid email server that Clinton had him set up in her New York home for her work as secretary of state. But even as years passed, Pagliano’s supervisors never learned of his most sensitive task, according to the department and one of his former colleagues. …

The newly disclosed emails show Patrick Kennedy, the department’s under secretary for management, oversaw the hiring of Pagliano. But Clinton and the department continued to decline this week to say who, if anyone, in the government was aware of the email arrangement.

“There was no permission to be asked,” Clinton said earlier this month. State Department spokesman John Kirby declined to say whether this was correct, citing the ongoing inquiries.




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  • USAnowMSAsadly

    The IT guy will be found dead from a bullet to the back of his head. The Klynton machine has become quite proficient with these “suicides.”

    • Crystal

      Nah, she would be much more subtle than that, maybe a car accident…

    • gonzales27

      And it will be ruled a suicide

  • Jeff Noncent

    my question to Hillary is this why did you let 4 American die in Benghazy?

    • tnetcenter

      Why did hiLIARy let 4 State Department employees AND Americans including an Ambassador DIE in Benghazi while under HER watch???

      When is SHE going to take responsibility for HER actions????

      • Jeff Noncent

        that’s the question of the day?


    It just goes on and on with this dirtbag family of thieves and liars……put these frigging criminals in a cell…..

    • gonzales27

      And keep them there

  • Retired Marine

    She should be hung along with her cohorts, and then drawn and quartered, publicly.

    • gonzales27

      Along with Slick Willie

  • cfd_007

    I can’t believe she has all this going on and still be in the race. Never have we had a candidate that’s being investigated by the FBI and possibly get indicted running for POTUS.

    • Conservadiva

      The US has hit bottom when candidates like this are allowed to “run loose.” She has friends in high places who are breaking the law along with her.

  • TheCountess De Plorable

    When good people do nothing. What part of Treason does any of this not apply?
    Treason as in abetting and giving comfort and aid to our enemies?
    We don’t even need a trial, though one must be given. If anyone of us did these things with all the notoriety this issue has had, they’ve had thrown away the keys…
    or hung us.

  • muf69

    Keep your eyes on Good time Barry. Come Sept or Oct he will give the go ahead to the DOJ and the FBI to charge Clinton. He has no desire to leave and why should he. Congress allows him to leave as a dictator no questions asked. With Clinton finally heading to jail, which should of happened years ago, he will throw the election into disarray pushing out the election for as long as he can. When the American citizens get mad enough and startrebelling he brings in marshall law using his executive powers.

    • gonzales27

      You are right,he will have dragged from the WH kicking and screaming


    • Granny

      Better yet, ‘Tis the season for BURYING politicians.

    • Jeffrey L. Mcdonald

      Hillary, Holder & obama set up the server so no one would ever see any communications they had with one another. They armed the damn enemy in order to shut Ambassador
      Stevens up. He knew what obama was doing and Stevens was someone he and Hillary couldn’t risk him talking. Why else would Hillary be giving out Stevens whereabouts to those rebels who killed him. Can’t tell me this goes up to the top “obama” Then the night of the attack obama’s no where to be found. Why hasn’t anyone asked for the presidential logs to see where obama was that night & who was with him. The way he micro manages everthing he was calling the shots but the coward had Valerie Jarrett give the stand down orders so no one could say he called off the military response when we know that he did. Think about it evertime they ran guns Americans died. I.E Mexican Cartels and again in Benghazi. And you know also that Jarrett & obama planned the murder of Stevens and his staff that night. Now they will say they did arm the rebels but it was suppose to be used to fight ISIS. And out of Hillary’s time as Secretary of State she didn’t once correspond with obama at all, no way in Hell. Strange thing is, Hillary had a Muslim aide Huma Abedien & obama had an Irani Chief of Staff Valerie Jarrett.

  • tnetcenter

    hiLIARy is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR – her lies have been known to kill people (I know that’s not the “official” definition) but “what difference does it

  • liberalssuck

    We are no longer a nation of laws and due to bureaucrats that answer to no one. We are losing everything. Irs runs rampant, epa, all of them. When will we stand up and say enough.

  • Moss500

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