Immigration Advocates Puzzled By Hillary’s Statements

Hillary’s comments came in answer to a question on whether or not she would deport children. She is definitely not as willing as Janet Reno was to send one child back to Cuba. Her comment was that she would not deport them and added family members into that category.  Various immigrant groups thought that she was talking about the children in each of their groups. The real talking point here seems to be that only criminals would be deported. What does she think an illegal alien is, anyway? But you and I know she means criminal, criminal. Anyone else gets a free pass, home, phone, medical, and so on.

Hillary meltdown

By Marisa Schultz at New York Post:

Immigration experts have no idea what Hillary is talking about.

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton made what sounded like a definitive statement at Wednesday’s Democratic debate: “I will not deport children.”

But immigration advocates interviewed by The Post took away different meanings from Clinton’s declaration as to which children she would protect from deportation — undocumented kids living in the United States, unaccompanied migrant children fleeing Central America, or both.

“It’s frankly hard to be absolutely clear as to what categories of kids she was talking about,” said Muzaffar Chishti, director of the Migration Policy Institute’s office at New York University School of Law.




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  • Dave In Arizona

    Understandable. Hillary sometimes confuses herself. Brain damaged?