In Search For Missing Marines, Plane Hit By Laser

The headline should read, idiot points laser at plane aiding in search for missing Marines. I have to ask, what kind of person points a laser at a plane?

We do know the following:
1. C130 changed course to avoid. If it came from the ocean it would be investigated.
2. Likelihood of Marine carrying green laser and then it working in ocean extremely remote.
3. Crash debris indicates violent impact so this is recovery, not rescue.

Read The Report By Fox News:

A plane aiding in the search of 12 missing Marines, whose helicopters crashed off the Hawaiian island of Oahu, was reportedly hit with a laser Saturday forcing it to alter its course.
A Coast Guard spokeswoman told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that if crew members had been directly exposed to the green laser, the C-130 Hercules would’ve had to make an emergency landing and the crew would’ve been examined.
Laser exposure could cause temporary blindness. Pointing a laser an aircraft is a federal crime.
Full Report, Names of Marines and Updates Here: Fox News





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  • Pam

    Are we going to have to pass a law to restrict who can purchase a laser? After all why would anyone who is not giving a lecture need a laser pointer? Bad news is you can’t cure or criminalize stupid. Okay, People! Attention! Sarcasm in above statement!

    • Craig Reynolds

      You obviously don’t have cats or you wouldn’t ask why.

      • Pam

        Sarcasm , ever heard of it? I have had hundreds of cats in my life time. My son in laws loves to tease his cat with the laser on his taser, rhyme unintentional, but he is a young cat. My Boo, yes he is black, is king of his domain and comes home after chasing females, getting drunk on catnip and fighting the challengers. I patch him up to get back to his life. Weights about 35 lbs , all muscle. I raised him on a bottle before his eyes were open. If I tried a laser on him he would slap me at the insult.

        • Craig Reynolds

          Wow! What a ridiculously overly sensitive liberal you are! Off your meds much? Get a grip, get a life okay? Smh!!!

          • Pam

            You assumed I was ignorant about the uses of a laser pointer. So you undertook the job of schooling me. Nothing will bring out the scorn like a smart remark to a comment that was meant to be sarcastic. I am a Conservative Patriot, only meds I am on is the one’s that go along with being 65 yrs. If that was all you had to say, you should have Syh and refrained from commenting. Smh

  • J_in_TX

    It does raise the question as to whether the helo crash was caused by a laser.

  • Beckah

    Does anyone else find it odd that we have had so many “accidents” concerning “training exercises” during the last 6 years? Almost as odd as all the train derailments.

    • Pam

      Budget cuts probably have impacted equipment and training or maybe this one was a laser. If it was, hope they find them.

  • Pam

    Can I borrow some money since you are rolling in the dough?