ISIS Actively Seeking What?

ISIS has ambitions to bring pain and suffering to our shore. One way they desire to do that is through cyber warfare. They do not have a sophisticated capability yet, but they are seeking it. How long before they recruit the raw talent and develop the technologies to achieve this goal? Cyber space is one of our vulnerabilities. This nation is ‘hooked up’ with all its computer run things that are so convenient. The impact of a cyber attack on safety, the economy, and just the basics of life could be vast. As the threat grows, we still have time to improve our cyber security and cut down on the areas that could or will be impacted. Not enough seems to be getting done to protect us. Time seems to be on the side of ISIS.




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  • TrendyT

    I am sure, is putting as much tax monies behind their drive to control
    everything. He only has less than a year before he has to take America
    over. If you believe TRUMP will be the next President there is a
    better chance Obama will be the first American King.