ISIS threaten to kill Jews across world in disturbing new video

The clip – posted on YouTube – shows a masked militant making threats following recent attacks against Jewish people in Jerusalem.

As Reported By The Mirror Online:

This worrying video shows an ISIS militant threatening to kill Jews across the world.

The terror group posted the clip on YouTube showing a militant dressed in army fatigues wearing a balaclava.

It comes after a number of attacks in Jerusalem by Palestinians.

He says: “We assure you that soon there will not be a single Jew left on Jerusalem and throughout the country.”

He added the terror group would “move to eradicate the disease….. worldwide”.

The militant backs the attacks in Jerusalem, saying: “soon there will not be one Jew left in Jerusalem.”


ISIS threaten to kill Jews across the world in disturbing new video – Mirror Online


ISIS militant threatens all Jews



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  • Surly Curmudgen

    When a mask is worn to hide your identity you know what you are doing is wrong. When the good guys wear a mask to protect their families from retaliation by the bad guys then the entire world is wrong.

  • Anne Christian

    Whatever they try and turn loose on Israel, God will turn it back towards them. Then they will have destroyed their own selves. Which is what they are doing anyway, everyday. Hatred only takes one down deeper into the blackness. Remember the words of the- Beginning? “…and the light shineth into the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not.”

  • Ale Gaun

    Bible is clearly says that God Almighty will protect the Israel. Allah is not on their side.