Israel Fights Back! IDF deploys Iron Dome After Rockets fired from Gaza

The system was deployed after rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, and in the shadow of the growing tensions in Jerusalem.

As Reported By The Jerusalem Post:

The IDF deployed Iron Dome anti-rocket batteries in the southern cities of Sderot and Netivot on Sunday, two days after a Gazan rocket fired by an ISIS-affiliated terror group slammed into Sderot, damaging a bus and a home.

The air force’s Active Defense Wing set up the two batteries days after it deployed an Iron Dome battery in Ashdod, which went into action on Friday night and fired an interceptor to destroy a Gazan rocket heading towards Ashkelon.

The deployments reflect IDF preparations for potential additional attacks by the the Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigades, a Salafist organization affiliated with Islamic State, which said it was behind both rocket attacks on Friday.

Read More Here:

IDF deploys Iron Dome batteries in Sderot, Netivot – Israel News – Jerusalem Post




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  • DaveB

    To expect Israel not to act when threatened is lunacy. Any USA official who will not support Israel should be sent to Guantanamo.

    • psychenudity

      you mean the Cuban Hilton ?

  • Michael

    This is not fighting back. Fighting back would be bombing the vermin back to hell.

  • psychenudity

    my God these people have patience………I would have long ago, KILLED EVERY military aged “Palestinian” male and exported all the women and children back to Jordan – where they (“Palestinians” <—- bullshit term) are originally from. I would secure all of the "Palestinian" occupied West Bank back into the hands of the Israeli people and never look back……

  • Bob Wallace

    I hope Israel knows that mostly only the Obama lovers are against them. They are the only sane presence in the middle east. This “war” against Israel from the US has got to stop before it’s too late.