Jim Webb Just Chucked A Grenade Into The Presidential Race – Daily Caller

Jim Webb Just Chucked A Grenade Into The Presidential Race:

by Alex Pappas for The Daily Caller:

Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb is now considering running for the White House as an independent, his campaign said Monday.

The former Virginia senator, whose centrist views contrast with the liberal stances of primary opponents Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders , plans to discuss his future plans at a Tuesday news conference in Washington.

According to a press release, Webb will “discuss his candidacy, the campaign and his views of the political parties in the current election cycle.”

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  • Yankee ’42

    Jim Webb is the last real democrat candidate in this country since JFK.

  • Eschol DuWayne Tarrant

    Maybe Jim Webb will take votes from Clinton. You remember, the way Ross Perot took votes from George H.W. Bush, which gave the presidency to Clinton in 1992. Maybe history will repeat itself, but I hope Hillary will be in a special cell at Gitmo before next Novembers Election…

    • friardave

      Eschol, My hope is that Killary occupies a cell in the same place where the Obama Admin leaves Christians…Iran prison…Gitmo is too nice for her

      • Eschol DuWayne Tarrant

        Maybe we should appoint her Ambassador of the Islamic State!

    • trumpman

      Webb is more likely to take votes away from the Republican candidate.

      • James Grandt

        Negative. We conservatives WILL vote republican. Bet on it.

  • Eschol DuWayne Tarrant

    Democrats have forgotten these words spoken by JFK at his Inauguration,”My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!”

  • Eschol DuWayne Tarrant

    Run Joe Run!!!

  • Jeff Noncent

    I am not suprise because the Democrats is going toa different direction, because Satan is all over the Democratic party

  • frankenbiker

    During the debates he sounded more like a conservative candidate rather than a dementocrap.

  • darylj46

    This is not good and a way for the dems to have an advantage at winning

  • Bojac

    Webb is the only Democrat with any common sense. Only one I would even consider voting for.