Jordan Draws Red Line in the Sand

President-Elect Donald Trump’s plan to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem has drawn a strong response from pro-Western Jordan. Speaking of “catastrophic” repercussions, Information Minister Mohammed Momani was interviewed by the Associated Press. It could become a very unsettling event and will need precise handling by the Trump administration. 

As Written By Breitbart Jerusalem:

(AP) AMMAN- Jordan’s government spokesman warned on Thursday of “catastrophic” repercussions if President-elect Donald Trump makes good on a campaign promise to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Such a move could affect relations between the US and regional allies, including Jordan, Information Minister Mohammed Momani told The Associated Press, addressing the issue publicly for the first time.

An embassy move would be a “red line” for Jordan, would “inflame the Islamic and Arab streets” and serve as a “gift to extremists,” he said, adding that Jordan would use all possible political and diplomatic means to try and prevent such a decision.

The US considers pro-Western Jordan as an important ally in a turbulent Mideast. The Hashemite kingdom is a key member of a US-led military coalition against ISIS in neighboring Syria and Iraq, and maintains discreet security ties with Israel.

Jordan also has a stake in Jerusalem, serving as custodian of Islam’s third holiest shrine in the city’s eastern sector.

Israel captured east Jerusalem from Jordan in 1967 and annexed it to its capital. It is the …..


Jordan Says Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is ‘Red Line’

Image Wikipedia Andrew Shiva / Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 4.0
Image Andrew Shiva / Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 4.0



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  • Robert Gamble

    Historically, Israel is one of the few countries DEFINED by written down ‘laws’ using conventions of boundaries at that time. There are literally centuries of billions of copies of that document published in almost every language in the world… it’s name is THE BIBLE.
    If you want to use the very precedence our own law systems have been using for centuries, ISRAEL WOULD BE HUNDREDS OF TIMES LARGER THAN IT IS TODAY.
    It was invaded and ‘occupied’ a few times by different groups of murdering, slave trading thieves but has always been occupied by the surviving descendants of the original owners as well.
    I wonder if a real court that used historical records of ownership would return the entire property to the original owners… that the invading criminals are made to relinquish the land illegally occupied to the lawful original owner.

  • dan1701

    Jerusalem is IN Israel. Jordan is a GUEST at the Temple Mount. They have NO claim to anything in Israel. If Israel wants the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem Jordan has no say in the matter. Jerusalem is in Israel and belongs to the Jews.

    • JL99

      The practical reason we should care is that Jordan has been our ally too. They are a tempering voice in that part of the world just as Egypt has been. That doesn’t mean we disregard the idea that Jerusalem should be the Israeli capital, but that we should be somewhat more circumspect about moving our embassy and consider what that would do to our allies’ leadership in their own countries.

      • DP Serafine

        Jordan has been “in the mix” with all the other A-rabs.

  • Mike Ramay

    Can’t people write a coherent sentence? “Jordan also has a stake in Jerusalem, serving as custodian of Islam’s third holiest shrine in the city’s eastern sector.” OK, I’ll bite, what are the other two “more important” islamic holy shrines in the eastern section?

  • Allen

    Jordan took over the west bank during the 47-48 war. but it was taken back during the 6 day war. So Jorden is trying to get the Un to do what I could not do.