Just six people greet Hillary in Texas and she IGNORES them! [VIDEO]

Only six people show up to see off Hillary Clinton in Texas and she blows them off!

Blowing off the only ones that showed up? Not sure that was a smart move.




Hillary Clinton Arrives in Texas



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  • DenverKitty

    Well, either 6 more NON-VOTERS or 6 more new Republican voters. I’ll bet Trump would have taken the time and made the effort to visit with the 6. TRUMP 2016!!!

  • Capn Jack

    They weren’t waving blank checks……

    • marlene


    • macanac kaputnick

      Haaahahahah . . one for you my friend!! Very observant.

  • 1josephg1

    Did anyone expect any more from this classless reprobate.

  • PersimmonKnob

    You need more pop-ups and spam and your blog will become unintelligible. I’ve had it with you people.

    • DeadMessenger

      I’d take vacation time off to go see that. Anyone who did a live pay per view would make tons of money.

    • marlene

      And hillary has had it with you. Were you one of the 6?

  • Ewade

    Maybe she’ll get a better turn out for her perp walk.

  • marlene


  • Peter Shearer

    At least she’s consistent. You may recall the beginning of her campaign when she did a drive by in her van leaving reporters in her wake as she ignored them and the public as well.

    As the Washington Examiner described the event:

    “Clinton is reportedly enduring the road trip, which is remarkably similar to one she did in in New York State during her winning 2000 campaign for U.S. Senate, so that she can connect with American voters — though she declined to speak with her fellow Americans during a burrito run Monday, and rubberneckers at the Iowa event told CNN they were puzzled by her aloof entrance.”


    I wonder if the six people in Texas were FBI agents trying to talk to her?

  • Jeff Noncent

    she deserve to be in jail, then people will be more happy to have met her there, she is not a presidential candidate to me

  • JoAnn Dolberg

    Hahaha…she lost all their votes, their friends’ and families’ votes and the votes of many who view this story, as well. GOOD job, Hillary! We do not want you in D.C., and you’re doing all you can to help us see to it!

  • Jacqueline Lynn

    Perhaps she was suffering from one of those “episodes” of forgetfulness and sleepiness her aides have reported. OR a desperate need for an unoccupied restroom!

  • hangman57

    What is Hillary afraid of ? Maybe she is afraid of being asked question about her illegal server and sending and receiving more than Top Secret memos . Higher than Top Secret Memos , for your eyes only !

  • hangman57


  • dhd123


  • Bob

    probably had to hurry up to catch up with her lesbo lover

  • FSHNT21

    That was 6 too many…
    By the way, why did all those other people with her have guns …??