Justice Kennedy to Christians: Resign or Uphold the Law – Truth Revolt

Justice Anthony Kennedy feels that if faithful Christians don’t like his usurping of their rights to define marriage as between one man and one woman, then they should just quit their jobs if they happen to hold public office. In other words: “I am King, now do what I say… or else.”

Justice Kennedy

As written by Paul Bois for Truth Revolt:

Speaking to an audience of Harvard law school students Wednesday, Justice Kennedy was asked if public officials who disagree with same-sex marriage or abortion should comply with the law if they hold public office, to which he replied “no” and declared that those officials should quit their jobs instead.
It would’ve been interesting to see him squirm had the question gone something like this: “Justice Kennedy, what should Christians do if their wishes to define marriage as between one man and one woman are completely usurped from them by an unelected official who thinks he can legislate from the bench?”
But since his audience consisted most likely of …..  Continue, there is more here



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  • Scooter Tramp

    I guess that doesn’t apply to mu-slime religious beliefs.

  • Camotim

    Ronald Reagan screwed the pooch on this one.

    • Icorps1970

      You must remember that some of these people have worked their entire careers to get into a position to amend the Constitution by decree. He may have had a far different record before being put on the Court. Where he could really screw things up. They have obviously been bought or have carefully hid their real views until the right moment. This has all been in the works since Wilson and the League of Nations if not before.

  • Beckah

    As much as I can’t wait to see a few of them go, we cannot afford to have them leave under King Hussein’s watch, or Hitlery’s for that matter.

    It sure didn’t take long for our country to lose it’s way.

  • Thomas Williams

    To Justice Kennedy: You (Moth#$ F%^&#$@) snob, screw you and all your perverted twisted definition of Justice, justifying your evil sins. Your Chick Sh#@ law interpretations doesn’t matter to us anymore.

  • Magda Hoppe

    why Muslim get awarded 250.000 dollors because had to deliver beer???????

  • James

    He should be impeached. Any court that leaves the law or Constitution in a gross manner should be impeached. They are paid to follow the Constitution and laws of Congress as was intended by those that wrote them