Lawsuit filed for emails from Chelsea Clinton 

The conservative group said Chelsea Clinton is “absolutely not” off limits.


As Written By Bradford Richardson for The Hill:

The conservative group Citizens United on Thursday filed a lawsuit to gain access to emails between Chelsea Clinton and top aides to her mother, Hillary Clinton, from when the Democratic presidential front-runner served as secretary of State.

The Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, first reported by Politico, also requests emails from Clinton Foundation foreign policy chief Amitabh Desai, longtime aide to former president Bill Clinton Justin Cooper, and Oscar Flores, the manager of the Clinton’s Chappaqua, N.Y., home.

But Citizens United President David Bossie told Politico that Chelsea Clinton is the primary figure targeted in the suit.

“The real interesting person here is of course Chelsea Clinton, who is the lead person,” he said.

“We want to see much more about what Chelsea Clinton was up to because she now has put herself out here on the campaign trail, along with Bill Clinton, as a lead surrogate,” he added.

Asked whether Chelsea Clinton was off-limits in her mother’s White House run, Bossie responded: “Absolutely not.”





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  • Chas

    I certainly hope that they’re not in search of intelligent life in Chelsea’s emails. On the other hand, they might do better using something in her lineage, like the Hubble Telescope….

  • Beckah

    The Clinton crime family makes the mob look like petty criminals. It is disgraceful that this behavior has been allowed to continue unobstructed.

  • faithful

    Its the right thing to do; hopefully the Clintons will be pursued for the sake of justice and truth. Too many people are taken in by lies poised with sincerity; no longer do the people search out truth and no longer do we have honest investigative reporting.