Look What ISIS Did Within Minutes Of News of LA Bomb Scare

Within minutes of the news of the bomb scare in LA, ISIS supporters created a web forum titled “Panic in the American Los Angeles.”




As Written By  James King and Gilad Shiloach for Voactiv:

ISIS supporters took to social media to gloat about the disruption caused by “credible” bomb threats made against the Los Angeles school system on Tuesday. The threats closed more than 900 schools across the city, abruptly sending hundreds of thousands of students home and throwing the city into disarray.

Within minutes of news of the closure, ISIS loyalists created a thread on an online forum with the title “Panic in the American Los Angeles,” Vocativ’s deep web analysis found. Islamic State adherents are using the thread to gloat about the panicked response—though none so far have taken credit for the attack.

“Thanks God, they are panicked of everything. The soldiers of the Caliphate will look after you until the world will be under the rule of Allah,” wrote one supporter. Another responded with, ….





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  • kunling

    Screw allah and the nightmare cult of death, aka islam.

    • Richard Spencer

      Screw fundamental Islam and the lying sacks of excrement who practice it’s extremist teachings.

  • ConservativeMe

    We the PROUD infidel PEOPLE of our own country of America DEMANDS a bill be revised that makes family members and mosques they attended equally responsible for a muslim terrorist’s act and subject to DEEP investigations at every level of the government and /or to deportation AND permanent EXILE from America if they fail to alert authorities before more American infidels are murdered on their own soil… ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ISLAMIC TERRORISM on AMERICAN SOIL

  • Jeff Noncent

    we’re in big trouble all I can say is this wake up American, as long as we have a Muslim, terrorist in the white house its going to get worse as the day goes by

    • The Old Chip

      ISIS told us that their flag would fly over the White House. They left out that it would be the great 0bama raising the flag.

      Worthless politicians are elected by citizens who don’t vote,
      Keep a sharp watch and Prime the Guns for 2016.

  • Matthew L

    Wow Michelle! Did you make that all on your back? That takes alot of energy…