Look Which Lib Talking Head Panned the Democrat Response to Trump’s Joint Session Address [VIDEO]

It is a little bit of Karma to watch Democrat supporting journalists do a little bit of eating of their own. The Democrat response by former Kentucky Democratic Gov. Steven Beshear won no kudos from the liberal media. That was not expected, as they usually carry the water for the Dems no matter how polluted it is. 


As Written by Kathryn Blackhurst for Lifezette:

Beshear’s rebuttal to Trump underwhelms even MSNBC, GOP super PAC crows ‘sad time to be a Democrat’

Former Democratic Gov. Steven Beshear’s response to President Donald Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday evening was so underwhelming even liberal pundits like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow described it as “stunty and small.”

Immediately following Trump’s address, the impressed hosts of CNN remarked upon the “subdued” and “different tone” the president struck in this speech to “reset” the national dialogue. CNN host Anderson Cooper even admitted that the speech was quite “moving” in key parts…….


Maddow Pans ‘Small and Stunty’ Democratic Response | LifeZette

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