LTC Allen West responds to Barack Obama’s speech. “I fear it’s about to get very bloody.”

by Allen West 

President Obama took to the podium this evening to play his part in the repeat of history. It was the Democrats who abandoned South Vietnam and allowed the mass murder known as the “killing fields” of Pol Pot. And so here we are again as Democrats ran on an “anti-war” promise which created a vacuum in Iraq.

I applaud the humanitarian airdrop for the besieged Yazidi and Christian minorities trapped in the mountains vicinity of Sinjar, Iraq. However, to not immediately strike ISIS when they must move by way of a very few road networks in open desert is insane. If we only drop food and water, then all we enabled is for these people to be slaughtered nourished with a full stomach.

Based on Obama’s speech, he’s not attacking ISIS, nor is he arming the Kurds. He’s sitting back and waiting for ISIS to march on Irbil or Baghdad. The time to stop ISIS is now and begin to push them back — not wait. This is not about campaign promises, it is about destruction of ISIS. I can assure you they will not stop their onslaught.

Obama’s duplicitous hypocrisy was evident once again. He started talking tough but then backed down to appease his liberal progressive base. Again and again Obama fails to acknowledge the enemy has a vote. As well, he fails to realize talking too much waters down your message — and dilutes your intent. ISIS doesn’t care about our diplomacy and economy. It was a strong start from Obama, but a weak finish, and I fear it’s about to get very bloody.



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