Marine General John Kelly Is Against Military Social Engineering

For many decades, liberal government administrators have imposed their social standards upon the United States Military. In selected instances they have been the right thing to do. The perception is, however, that at this time, social engineering has run amok. There are substantial warnings out there that there is a real and present danger that standards will be lowered in the name of gender equality. General John Kelly raises his voice in the interview reported below.

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The New York Post has an interview this week with someone weighing in on the whole women in combat question and it’s a person who should know a thing or two about the subject. Gen. John Kelly is a Marine and he’s the retiring head of the U.S. Southern Command. He’s been knocking around the service through a couple or three wars now and his greatest fear seems to deal less with the actual capabilities of any ladies volunteering to serve on the front lines and much more with the fickle and dishonest nature of our politicians.

Gen. John Kelly, USMC, is retiring after more than four decades as an active-duty Marine. His “greatest fear,” he says, is that the vast “equal opportunity” pressure for women in combat roles will lead the Pentagon to water down standards…

The reasons are obvious: On average, the two sexes simply have different physical virtues. Men will dominate when it comes to upper-body strength, which is generally vital in combat roles. And [Defense Secretary Ash] Carter has vowed not to alter the high standards for those roles.

But Kelly doubts that will last: “Whether it’s 12 months from now, four years from now…the question will be asked whether we’ve [truly] let women into these other roles.” Ideologues who don’t see the results they want will ask, “Why aren’t [women] staying in those roles? Why aren’t they advancing as infantry people?”

As supporting evidence, the article goes on to note that Navy Secretary Ray Mabus (who is in charge of the Marines at the cabinet level) already decided to override the recommendations of the Corps following several years of trials and study, telling them to get ready to fully integrate female riflemen on the front line in a period of only two weeks. Given the career civilian status of Mabus that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the politicians when it comes to making informed decisions.




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  • Michael Pisani

    Mabus has exactly how much experience in uniform?????

    • Mikal

      20-30-40yrs. He looks 60 there abouts Not 40, Maybe 50, likely 60 cause he’s served in Washington

  • jim scofield

    And this is the reason that a civilian has NO business
    as Sec Navy.

    • Mikal

      Civilians have not been out in the field when bullets are flying and mortar shells are landing all about and your tank tread just got blown apart. If 160# man couldn’t do it, how’s a 110# woman gonna get it done? Better off maybe flying or support, running around with an M-16, something lighter would let them serve. But when the chips are down they could prove useless. What do civilians know about ships and deployment. Got those numbers in your head?

  • Bob

    I had two guys on my tank who were NOT UP TO THE TASK of busting track while UNDER enemy sniper fire!!!
    So, tell me again how a 110 pound female is going to do this task.!
    It was bad enough having 160 pound males that did NOT have the muscles to do the required work. This was “way back” in 1968 !