Marine Veteran’s death at Tomah VA under investigation by the FBI

Everyone knows that employee whistle blowers at the VA have suffered persecution from higher levels within the VA. This case will need to address multiple questions, beginning with why there was no meaningful response from within the VA or from law enforcement? Who was responsible for all the various prescriptions? Who administered them? What was Dr. Houlihan’s involvement?

Patricia Kime at Military Times writes:

A Senate committee has asked the FBI to explain why a veteran who died at the Tomah, Wisconsin, VA Medical Center contacted law enforcement before his accidental overdose death in August 2014.

Heather Simcakoski, the widow of Marine veteran Jason Simcakoski, testified in March that her husband sent texts and left voice messages with law enforcement agencies charging that some patients at the hospital were selling their prescription pain medications.

The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee verified that Simcakoski had placed multiple calls to administrators at the Tomah VA, the Tomah police department and the FBI field office in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, in 2013.

Committee Chairman Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., wrote to FBI director James Comey on Monday asking for more information on the nature of the communications as well as the bureau’s response.

Heather Simcakoski told committee members that her husband’s complaints went unheeded and his reports disappeared.

“Some patients were making so much money that they had saved enough … to put a down payment on a house,” Simcakoski testified. “I would like to understand who was responsible for [Jason’s] reports, where they are and why no one did anything.”

The Center for Investigative Reporting published a report in January on problems at the Tomah VA hospital, finding that the number of pain prescriptions quintupled from 2004 to 2012, with rates rising sharply after Dr. David Houlihan, a psychiatrist, was hired as chief of staff.



Jason Simcakoski



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  • James Dillon

    I only go to the VA for my disability case with a very nice lady who represents the American Legion and she helps me with my case. I do not receive treatments of any kind at the VA.. I use Medicare and Tricare with my private physicians treating my disability. The only pain relievers I use is Tramadol + Gabapentin which are non-narcotic. But, I had to sign a lawful agreement to get Tramadol prescribed, because it is now on the risk list of people sniffing it and injecting it . That is totally stupid. My case has been going on for three years and my file is at 500 pages +. I have only submitted about 20 documents. Go Figure ? Semper Fi, and my heart goes out to his family and feel their loss. mr h in Pensacola

  • kc54

    So what else is new at the VA? It is horrendous what has been going on there, regarding the treatment and neglect of our Vetetans! How shameful that another dies because of this gov. bureaucratic inhumanity, and the total disregard of shoving him aside. I know the VA has had problems for years, but since the man in the White House appeared, things that should have fired any decent president up, has not. He despises our military. The illegals get better treatment than our own men and women.

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