Mark Levin: Don’t Pretend You Are Doing the MORAL Thing By Staying Home on Election Day

Mark Levin does a fine job of exposing the moral argument of the NeverVoters. Per mark, not voting in this election is not justified on moral or principled arguments. There is too much to be lost and much to be gained in this fight for the nation. Listen to him make his case here.

As Written By Phil Shiver for Conservative Review:

“I’m starting to think about this morality stuff,” Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin said as he began his radio show Monday night. “Everything we do should involve morality … but let me ask you a question: If you were alive during George Washington’s times, would you have voted for George Washington?”

Levin then went on to list the moral failings of past politicians from the slave-owning founders, to the adulterous John F. Kennedy, to Bill Clinton himself, and so on.

“I’m not defending Donald Trump,” Levin exclaimed. “I’m trying to understand hypocrisy.” Referring to the Republican lawmakers that have since dropped their support for Donald Trump following the release of a 2005 video where Trump makes lewd remarks about women.




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