Maxine Waters Makes STUNNING Admission About the Democrat Party! [VIDEO]

What have we here? Maxine Waters telling another tall tale? But of course! It wouldn’t be a compete Christmas holiday season without the meanderings of one of the United States Democrat Congressional representatives to spout off more nonsense leading us in to the new year. Maxine seems to have her lines crossed. By that we mean she lied straight through her democrat teeth. The cat is out of the bag now. Check out the latest words that fell out of her mouth below.

As Written by Allahpundit for Hit Air:

“We bend over backwards to work with people. Trump has stepped on everybody.”

Harry Reid didn’t seem so nice when he and his caucus stripped the Senate’s minority of its power to filibuster presidential nominees, but remind a Democrat of that and they’ll tell you it was a reasonable response to unreasonable Republican obstructionism. (They’ll tell you in the next breath that, given the present circumstances, they regret having done it.) An eternal rule of politics viewed through the left-media filter: When Republicans are “not nice,” it’s because they’re not nice. When Democrats are “not nice,” it’s because Republicans drove them to it.

Waters’s answer is predictable twice over. In the first place, every out-party copes with defeat to some degree by blaming it on the fact that it doesn’t fight hard enough. Their principles are correct; it’s the passion for those principles that’s lacking. That was a critique on the right of both McCain and Romney too. McCain wouldn’t go after Obama over Jeremiah Wright; Romney was too nice a guy to wage the war on the left that’s required to Make America Great Again. That lack of passion for political battle derived, supposedly, from their lack of passion for their ideology. (Never mind that Trump is far less of a doctrinaire conservative than either McCain or Romney is.) If either was a true believer in conservatism, he would have felt the urgency of the situation more deeply and responded by attacking with everything he had. It’s a comfort to believe this sort of thing when the alternative, that voters simply preferred the other guy’s political vision, is too painful to accept. Waters is showing you what that looks like here. The answer to the party’s problems is to be less nice……

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Maxine Waters: The problem with my party is that “when we’re in power we’re nice” « Hot Air



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  • Jeff Noncent

    I don’t trust Obala, Obala is a Liar, a Muslim, a murderer, why should I trust Obala over Donald Trump? at least Donald Trump work Obala never work in his intire life, he never build anything, at least Donald Trump build his hotel, and has a TV show on top of it what has Obala accomplish? what was his legacy for the last 8 years nothing but cheos

  • JpRAustin

    Welcome to MSNBC Rep. Waters. This is how we do it here, I ask you one question, you know, to set things up and then you take the next 3:00 spew your stupidity for our 7,000 viewers. And remember, more people will view this clip when it goes viral than will EVER see it on our network.

  • The Old Chip

    Whooee, motor mouth maxine strikes again. Everything she said would be true; if she
    just substituted “obama” for every time she said Trump, because that’s what she
    said in the great obama’s earlier days.

    Maxine Waters, the California corrupt”o” rat, says she found the president’s
    language “a bit curious.” She says obama didn’t address Hispanics in
    such a blunt manner and would never use that language in a speech to a
    gathering of gays or Jews.

    Maxine Waters the California corrupt”o” rat, last week told a Detroit crowd
    that she was frustrated with the obama administration’s approach to the
    economy, urging voters to “unleash” her on the White House.

    Maxine Waters, or as she describes herself, “This old liberal”, is realizing
    obama is a fraud. She’s also recognizing that obama took the black vote
    for granted, that 90% of them voted, ever so slavishly, for him regardless.
    She states, “He’s one of us, but he has done little to nothing for us”.