Mike Huckabee: Get Over It, Snowflakes, Your Snow Has Melted [Video]

Enjoy the video of Mike Huckabee being insensitive to the poor liberal snowflakes who have despaired over the election results. Mike is not gentle with them in his words towards them. As they struggle to find something to blame, they will get no sympathy here.

As Seen First and Written By Fox News:

Saturday on Fox & Friends, Mike Huckabee said that Democrats must stop making excuses for Hillary Clinton’s loss to President-elect Donald Trump.

Reacting to the US intelligence community’s assessment that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign against the US election in 2016 to undermine the electability of Hillary Clinton, Huckabee said it was Clinton, not Putin who was to blame for her loss.



Huckabee: ‘Get Over It, Snowflakes, Your Snow Has Melted’ | Fox News Insider



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  • Jeff Noncent

    I agree with Mike Huckabee, in fact it’s the Democrats fault for this

  • Robert Weiss

    Boo strategic cyber security leadership.

    Boo snowflakes, whiners & cry babies!

    Boo political dynasties! The American majority speaks: “We are fed up with reprehensible leftist ideologies!” Drain that swamp!

    BOO! BOO! BOO!

    Boo mainstream media! Boo Hollywood! Boo ISIS! Boo Benghasi! Boo unsecured emails! Boo political correctness! Boo fake news professionals! Boo NPR! Boo BLM! Boo CFPB! Boo Obamacare! Boo Pelosi! Boo Jill! Boo Barry! Boo Hillary! Boo Bernie! Boo Holder! Boo celebs!

    Boo you traitors! You are all under performers! You’ve all lost your way! You are some sick people, even anti-patriots! Boo! Boo! Boo!

    The “boo” list is unending to the point of reprehension! It is the leftist “time out.” Don’t miss it you “reprehensibles.” Go sit in the corner & wallow in your foolishness until you puke. Find higher morals & values quickly before your hearts & minds are hardened any further towards your ridiculous agenda, ideas, deeds & behavior.

    You lack any semblance of respectability. You lack even simple common sense attributes, developed by a desire to grow personal traits of true charity, honesty, integrity – an honorable character – to seek what is right, what is good!

    Whether you like it or not, God is to be praised & thanked. He blesses our country; from the most extreme liberal to the hardest conservative. Good or bad times, God is with us always! Only He is truly worthy of glory, honor & praise!

  • metheoldsarge

    Shame on all of you. Be nice to the liberals. Don’t any of you remember what the large numbers of people did who didn’t want Obama to be President? Don’t you remember how they all ran to their safe spaces crying like babies and all those who said they would leave the country? How about all those who wanted a few days off so they could seek counseling? Come to think of it, I don’t remember any of that happening either.

    Grow up snowflake crybabies. We survived eight years of Obama. Are you saying that we are better than you because you can’t take a little disappointment?