Military Chiefs of Staff Issue WARNING to Senate if Budget Cuts Continue

The Military Chiefs of Staff told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the troops will not tolerate future budget uncertainties. Sequestration has been bad for the readiness and morale of the armed forces. Not to mention, because the money is so uncertain, the cost of doing business with defense contractors is higher. Congress seems totally unable or unwilling to pass sustainable budgets that provide for the common defense. Make your voice heard in Washington. 

Caps on defense spending limit training, force service members to use old gear and may lead to an exodus of troops from the armed services, the four service chiefs told lawmakers Thursday.

Speaking before the Senate Armed Services Committee, the leaders of theArmy, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps warned that a return of sequestration budget caps would promote fiscal uncertainty and take a deep toll on rank-and-file morale.

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 put a temporary stay on a half-trillion dollar tranche of defense budget cuts, but the armed services must plan around the reductions for five more years if Congress does not again act to avert them.

For the Navy and Marine Corps, limited funding and delayed aircraft modernization have resulted in limited pilot flight hours. This summer, the Marine Corps resorted to an unusual measure, pulling 30 F/A-18C Hornetsfrom the “boneyard” at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona and putting them back into service in an effort to maintain readiness ahead of F-35B Joint Strike Fighters entering the fleet in numbers.

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Service Chiefs: Troops Will Head for Exits if Budget Cuts Persist |



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  • DCW left coast

    Equally as guilty are the Repub Congress and Senate, the useless Boehner, McConnell, Ryan and their feckless followers like Graham and the rest of the RINO ilk!
    Trump is America’s Last Best Hope . . . period ! ! !

  • Zoomie72

    I served during the Carter Hollow Force days. You do NOT want that to happen again. But it’s happening right now. Hellary will NOT stop it. Hopefully Trump will.

    • Charles L. Scofield Jr.

      I too served during the Carter Days, parts for vehicles were so short we literally had to sneak through the barbed wire fence into adjacent motor pools to steal parts so our vehicles would pass IG inspections. Once the inspection was over we would sneak back in and replace the parts back to where they belonged. I’m sure the same things are happening even today.

  • Mike_Travis

    So you want us to make our voices heard when congress NEVER listens to us? I hope you have a better plan than that because I have been writing and calling congress for YEARS and all I got back was CRAP like “Thank you for writing” and “I will keep your comments in mind”. I call BS!

    Congress does whatever the hell they want with NO concern for America or our People! They have proved they care about NOTHING but their own wealth and power which is not the reason they were elected. But hey, to use a phrase from another traitor what difference at this point does it make?