Milwaukee Bus Driver Goes The Extra Mile For A Veteran! WATCH

Bus driver goes the extra mile, helps veteran make connection



Bus Driver Chris Martin received five commendations but says all his coworkers would do the same.


bus driver



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  • happytrails5

    Two Americans, one who happens to be black the other who happens to be white. This is NOT a racist nation. Thank you, sir, you are most gracious, not only for what you did, but that you think highly of your colleagues.

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      • Nunnyah Biz

        And yet another of the usurper’s trollbaby recruitment ads!

        You too can make thousands of dollars from the comfort of yo’ mama’s basement, by spewing nonsense to intelligent people!

        under 70 IQ points required!

        • Dorrie

          Please flag her in Discus as well as on this page!

          • Nunnyah Biz

            I do every time.

          • Chas


  • bill coleman

    Can anyone guess why this is a news item? I want to be fair and give readers a chance to respond to the question as well as any answers…well actually, I want someone else to take the heat for giving a correct answer.

    • JulieB

      Only a few years ago, this would have been considered perfectly normal behavior. After barack insane ovomit was elected, it makes headlines. It is, without a doubt, a very sad day that we are living in. We, as a nation, really cannot do too much for our beloved vets.

      • urbanvrwcmom

        The race baiters will so hate this; to heck with them and the horses they rode in on! I feel sorry for the horses, though.

    • Nunnyah Biz

      Why is this a news item?

      Because maybe, just maybe, Colonel West would like to give His Fellow Americans a little ray of hope!

      I know it’s not “politically Coercive” to give REAL Americans hope anymore, but hopefully We’re moving beyond this media instigated attack on the USA!

    • AmericanDuckie

      I guess I should have read all the comments before making mine. :/

  • KC


  • Kristi17

    Amen, this video made me cry with Happiness for this bus driver to help a Veteran!!

  • urbanvrwcmom

    God bless the bus driver and the veteran he helped! This gesture will cause the heads of certain people to explode. Be sure to put on your hazmat suits to protect yourselves from being splattered by what they have in place of brains.

  • [email protected]

    This one i like, my kind of people

  • 35M

    “This video player must be at least 300×168 pixels in order to operate.”

    Maybe if whomever authored this page actually previewed it before posting it, they would have noticed that the video is unviewable.

    Even on my 1920×1080 screen with the browser window maximized.


  • FreedomEcho

    Why anyone still uses Flash video is beyond me.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Maybe Milwaukee should hire the bus drivers to replace the cops!

    The Mayor just ordered all Milwaukee police to have body cams because there has been over 60 complaints of cops willful, deliberate and hostile illegal searches and seizures, in the last couple of months!

    Never trust the cops, until they start to behave in a manner that DESERVES Our Trust!!!

    • Emmett White

      Nunnyah: Perhaps those complaints are unfounded. If you don’t carry a gun and if you don’t trust the cops, who are you going to call? Mommy? Grow up. All cops aren’t bad cops and your unrealistic fear of the cops would probably make many wonder if you have a reason to fear them. Without cops ensuring order, what is left but chaos? You need to be thanking the cops for their protection in this dangerous world.

      • Nunnyah Biz

        Oh, I have no “unrealistic fear” of those cowardly bullies posing as law enforcement officers, just utter contempt and hatred for their BEHAVIOR! Especially after a MI state trooper and a Menominee MI sheriff’s deputy bullied me off of my legally rented campsite just so their friend could have it!

        The only thing I have to fear is their GROTESQUE abuse of authority and brutality towards Innocent, Honest, Law Abiding Citizens, which are easy targets to them!!!

        Don’t you dare lecture me on good and bad cops! There are no good ones, or they would be purging their ranks of the bad ones that are ruining the good ones reputations!

        And I do now defend myself and my family! Never again will I call 911! It’s simply too dangerous!!!

  • Chas

    Chris Martin, you sir, are a patriot and a gentleman! Thank you so much for what you do!

  • AmericanDuckie

    Good for him, but am I the only one who finds it odd that common courtesy has to make a news story these days?
    I think it’s awesome, but it’s sad that there’s so much crap going on, these acts of kindness are considered extraordinary. God Bless him for it, and hopefully more people will do the same courtesy instead of getting sucked into the discontent and mean spiritedness that so many keep stirred up.

  • Tread7

    God Bless and Thank you Bus driver !

  • bill coleman

    Now is a critical time in history for individual constitutional conservatives and like minded people to reach out politically to strangers and talk good politics or to learn how to do this by doing it since I known of no organization teaching people how to do that. My learned technique is to do it by asking thought provoking noncontroversial political questions. My style is to walk up to a person whose attention appears to be available and ask them: “Do you know much about politics or good politics?” If they don’t put my life in danger, I will ask them what is good politics or what does good politics do for people. Then I listen and comment, usually with approval or accomodation, and/or explain that there is a difference between good politics and bad politics and that good politics comes from no where unless it comes from people who want to be free. I tell them there is more than one good answer and that my answer is that good politics is politics that keeps people free. I usually also tell them that we have bad politics because too many people voted because of promises of more free stuff from the government instead of voting to be free. Also, I am usually also able to get their email address or at least give them mine. My list of questions include questions such as “Who owns the U.S. Constitution?” or “What would you tell a friend if they told you they were thinking about converting to Islam and you only had a minute or two to talk to them?”. My scariest reponses come from young white males who will begin defending Islam out of ignorance to defend what they were taught in public school after my first negative comment about Islam. Please comment on this or inform me and others of any organization or website that actively promotes talking good politics to strangers.

  • Daystar

    Sorry Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Holder and Mr. President. Fact is, most Americans love one another through the content of their character and not by the color of their skin, as you would seem to hope. I am glad to see you wrong and disappointed through a story like this one. Keep posting good reports. Let’s overcome evil with good people!!! All lives matter!