Mom Outraged After 7-Year-Old Comes Home From School With “Diversity’ Tattoo?

The mother of a 7-year-old is not happy with her daughter’s school after the girl was recently sent home with henna tattoos on her hands.

As Written By Rachel Bertsche for Yahoo News (Parenting):

As part of last week’s Multicultural Day at Ed White Elementary School in Seabrook, Texas, students had henna, a traditional Indian body art often used as part of celebrations, applied to their hands. But when Tammy Samour picked up her second-grader after class last week, she wasn’t happy to see the decorations. “I asked what that was, and [my daughter] said, ‘Henna.’ And I said, ‘What is henna?’” Samour told KPRC. “Somebody tattooed my daughter without my permission.”

The lesson was part of a school celebration of different cultures, including those of Spain, India, Israel, Australia, and the U.S. “Learning about culture is awesome, but I don’t want it tattooed on my daughter — it is not our culture,” Samour said. The school did ….


henna tattoo second grader



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  • Ant. I. Liberal

    I Hope that this Woman ( MOM and DAD ) Have the Courage to Sue the Crap out of the School System !

  • lilyred

    She’s right. I’d be ticked off, too. That tattoo will be there 1-3 weeks, right thru Christmas holidays and all the pictures and events.

  • SeRiOuSLy!!??

    why are schools now in the habit of doing whatever they want to kids without parents permission….everything except disciplining them.

  • Lori Toupal

    Oh, who cares. They’re harmless and they wash off. Big deal. Freak out about something important.

    • Unkie Numbnuts

      Did you wear a temporary tattoo of a concentration camp number in school all day…Have to wear a Yarmulke…Learn to recite and write the Lord’s Prayer…Plus act out taking your communion while in your communion dress…Or pretend to be an Altar Boy all day long…Besides that harmless thing you mentioned in other public schools there is more of how to be a Muslim being taught in school including the young female students wearing the burka all day…Learning to write Allah’s prayer and reciting it in prayer form…Sing Muslims praise songs of Islam and it’s fight to conquer the world…And even giving 10 year olds a cellphone number to call 5 times a day to hear a Muslim sing a prayer for them which they have to pray along with…All done without the parents knowledge and permission…Do you want your child to go thru conversion to another race and or religion when they are in public school because that’s what is happening.

    • Earl Reeves

      In case you missed it, I believe the point is the school has no right to decorate a child’s body. The teacher could have decorated her own hands to demonstrate if necessary.

    • Trace Smith

      Doing something to a kid against the parents’ wishes IS A BIG DEAL
      ! I hope you don’t have any kids, they’d be confused as to who to listen to.