More ALARMING info from the State Dept New Years Eve Hillary Clinton email dump!

The State Department has decided that yet another of former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s emails contains “secret” information, and has classified hundreds more at a lower level of secrecy — part of Thursday afternoon’s release of more than 3,000 messages from her unique email arrangement.


As Written By Stephen Dinan for The Washington Times:

The secret message was deemed “unclassified” at the time it was sent, but has been elevated as officials process and release more than 30,000 of Mrs. Clinton’s emails, which she belatedly returned to the government nearly two years after she left office.

The latest release, just hours before the new year, breaks a federal judge’s order by falling well short of the 4,800 messages that were supposed to have been released by …..





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  • Moss500

    Let me know when all this “alarming info” turns into actual charges that will put the witch behind bars.

  • aznative

    Hillary for prison 2016! And the list of crimes is long.

  • shannon853

    the proof of the pudding is “will she be charged for the crime and prosecuted?” or will she be as obama untouchable? nothing like being elite and above the law. she wants the white house so she can feel she can pardon herself of all crimes…

  • sparkleplenty27

    it is important to post this information so she and her liberal media can’t sweep this under the rug – already covering a huge mound of offenses for which she should be in prison (as should her husband).

  • Daniel J.

    Fellow Americans, the media darling is not going to be prosecuted by this Attorney General because she is a crony for the guy in our White House. If we don’t motivate our friends and neighbors to get to the polls and vote this coming fall, we deserve exactly what we get…Just like we deserve this madness we have experienced for the last 7 years. Even writing your insignificant representatives in DC is not going to help. Most of them are already bought and paid for by lobbyists profiting from all of this craziness.

  • Raimond

    Treason is the Reason~

  • Chas

    “More ALARMING info from the State Dept New Years Eve Hillary Clinton email dump:” HiLIARy Clinton,continues taking dumps in public….

  • hangman57

    Hillary said ” I never sent any e-mails on her private server , that were Top Secret !” . just another lie again by Hillary .

  • Moss500

    You’ve been reported.