MSNBC RIPS Hillary, Obama, Comey and Lynch for Lawlessness and Corruption [Video]

As reported by The Washington Free Beacon liberal MSNBC’s Morning Joe eviscerates Hillary Clinton in wake of brutal FBI report about email conduct. Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski took turns ripping Clinton, Obama, FBI Director James Comey, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch to shreds.  Nicole Sullivan may have had the best line of the segment when she argued that if the bar had been set any lower it would have been underground!

VIDEO COURTESY OF Washington Free Beacon





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  • Dave In Arizona

    Were pigs flying?

  • carlcasino

    Honest analysis from MSNBC ? I’m shocked and Impressed. MIght add to my favorites list for further review.

    • Beckah

      You know what they say about a broken clock; MSNBC should probably be in that category.

  • marstob

    They then will be rooting for Donald Trump – what a change that will make. Maybe people and the media have had enough of the total corruption by their government – from top all the way down.

    • Beckah

      Some of the people have, and for a LONG while now. As far as the media, I’m going with the broken clock theory!

  • Figueroa Nancy

    I do recall one… But then as Hillary said Enough about Benghazi.. He pleaded for help to save his life, but he was left to die under Hillary’s watch, so his life does count irregardless of what Killary said.

  • Jim Nichols

    The United States Constitution was written to form a more perfect Union
    that would enable checks and balances to prevent a bloody revolution
    from being a necessary measure to abolish tyranny. Excellent though it
    was, Colonel George Mason feared the National Government might one day
    end in a tyrannical aristocracy.

    The rights of the people needed
    to be secured against potential corruption at the National level . One
    of the solutions the framers decided upon can be found in Article V.
    Which gives State Legislatures the authority to call a Convention, that
    bypass Federal Legislators to amend the Constitution….

  • Warrior

    Here is a recent video message from a young black lady all Americans should see no matter what the color of skin.


    It is no longer “We The People”. They are above any laws that we have to follow. Comey made this plain when he said, “Even though Hillary Clinton wasn’t charged others doing what she has done could expect to be charged!”
    Also the Republicans have no intention of honoring any votes for Donald Trump. Democrats nor Republicans plan for Trump to be in the White House as President of the United States. They will kill him first.