New ISIS Detainee Policy “Not Quite Nailed Down” and it’s RIDICULOUS!

A new guidance for the military is that they only have 30 days max to hold any ISIS detainees (they call them “operatives”) that they capture. The Pentagon is not real sure for exactly how long yet, but will figure it out with the next batch that are captured. Talk about management on the fly. Leadership at its worst. Then after the United States military has interrogated them, the detainees are to be handed over to the Iraq government. There they will all be held securely and will always be available for future interviews. I have my own idea about how dependable the Iraqi government is: Not very.  This program can very easily turn into a catch and release program, but the Pentagon says it is not. Read on in disbelief.





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  • David

    ISIS Detainee Policy? The Policy with
    ISIS should be … Take No Prisoners … for Obama to Release … so
    they can go back to the Battle Field and Fight Again.

  • sparkleplenty27

    gee its only been sever years – what do you people want? Miracles? I mean, give them some time to ‘figure it out’ – rush rush rush, they need time people, time!
    In the interim, my personal suggestion would be kick ass, take names, take no prisoners, OBLITERATE.

  • RVNVET6869

    Foreign policy on the fly, we shouldn’t expect to much more than this from the nut jobs we have in Washington. Oh well, ISIS needs more warm bodies anyway, Obama will surely supply them with all he can. Pathetic.

    • john robel

      I would be happy as hell to supply them with cooling bodies.

      • RVNVET6869

        I would to Mr. Robel. Maybe we’ll get someone in office in January that feels the same as you, I and millions of others feel.

  • frankenbiker

    Why bother? This regime is pro ISIS, anti Israel, and anti American ally. This commander in chief, HAHAHAHAHAHA, is a fcking joke. He trades five top Taliban leaders for one deserter. Releases dozens of dangerous terrorist from GITMO, and wants to close that facility for good. So why fcking bother in the first place. As far as the rest of the world goes. America is a fcking joke, they see what’s going on, and are becoming very pissed off at our lack of commitment to destroy ISIS. Its all smoke and mirrors with this buffoon, its a dog and pony show, and we have an ass as the ring leader.

  • Charles L. Scofield Jr.

    I say at the end of day 29 they were shot attempting to escape. That is more mercy than they would show for one of our troops if they get captured. Al Raqqah,
    Syria should be where at least one bomb from every sortie should be dropped. The enemy would never know when or how many sorties would hit their location. As the motto from WWII “Save One For Speicher” so should it be “Save One For Al Raqqah”. Although after reading a story that appeared in Stars and Stripes dtd September 1 2011 it seems it was only rumor about the bombing of Speicher, Germany. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t become reality for Al Raqqah.