New ISIS manifesto reveals TERRIFYING expansion plans 

While President Obama continues to insist ISIS is “contained” to Syria and Iraq, the world is learning otherwise.


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While President Obama continues to insist ISIS is “contained” to Syria and Iraq, the world is learning otherwise.

In a new manifesto released online this month called “Black Flags from the Islamic State,” the group reveals its plans to expand into Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and most concerning, India, the largest democracy in the world, and fourth most populous country.

According to the Indian Express, “The Islamic State’s strategy, the manifesto states, is to “do hit and run tactics and then go into hiding so (the world) can waste millions or billions of Euros on 100,000-plus police, investigators, and it can shut down its major cities and lose its money”.

It claims that the shutdown after the Paris terror attack cost Belgium 53 million Euros per day. “For what,” it asks. “To hunt 20 people who have basic AK-47 rifles which cost a few thousand dollars maximum.”

Future attacks, it states, “will make groups in the West attack Islam and Muslims in Europe, forcing Muslims in the West to pick up weapons and start a fight to defend themselves”.

The key to building successful covert cells, it states, is recruiting individuals whose commitment can be vouched for, and not using electronic devices. Fugitive Paris attack mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud, it states, did not use phones or e-mail to communicate with other members of the cell, which carried out the plot.”

However, it appears the world’s largest democracy suffers from the same political correct delusions as our own.

According to the Gatestone Institute ……




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  • kgolfinghawaii

    Really? India is only the fourth most populated country, not. Try number two with 1.2 billion. Not far behind China.

  • Big Sam

    India should do now as the South Vietnam governors in the TET OFFENSIVE had to do, Arm the citizenry and combat the invasion….South Vietnam was victorious. Even as the western media tried to down play the victory….

  • Jeff Noncent

    this guy in the white house is a Muslim

  • Patriot47

    The first crusades were lost because muslimes hadn’t learned stealth
    yet. The final crusade isn’t over yet because the abysmally stupid
    refuse to acknowledge it’s existence. When the deniers are no longer
    able to deny, the final crusade will be over in short order.

  • frankenbiker

    So goatfckers in the west will rise up and take arms, GOOD!!!!!!! Bring it on you dumb ass motherfckers. Do you really think the American citizen is going to run and hide like the douche bag that’s suppose to be protecting us? HELL NO!!! We’ll start shooting you goatfckers on the streets, in their mosque, and outside of your schools. You’ll never fck with America again, because the citizenry will actually destroy you while the goatfcker in the black mosque only talks about it.

    • A US Veteran

      Like our banking system the Muslims use our laws to protect them from people like you and me. The FBI as well as the local police will be hunting us instead of focusing on the real threat. These people have an understanding of how our system works and they use it against Americans. Congress just sold us out yet again. Obama is importing Muslims at an alarming rate.

      • frankenbiker

        He’s been doing everything he can to destroy this country, but he wasn’t getting anywhere quickly enough for him, so lets bring in thousands of terrorist to help him out. It all makes perfect sense if you look at it from a criminal point of view.

        • A US Veteran

          We must give credit where credit is due; Congress keeps providing equipment and US Dollars for Obama to carry out his desired “transformation” of our Country! They will be charged with treason just like the entire Obama Administration once fighting starts in our streets. I watched ‘Black Hawk Down’ again last night to refresh my mind as to how these Muslims will destroy cities for their cause. People are targets for them.

          • frankenbiker

            I agree 100%, our only chance is not being a target but being vengence arm. Watch your six, and havemplenty of ammo. Carry EVERYWHERE!!! Gun free zones be damned.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    I’m going to invest heavily in the pork market! Pig’s blood is going to skyrocket!