Newt Gingrich UNLOADS on Megyn Kelly [Video]

You will love this FOX interview of Megyn Kelly interviewing Newt Gingrich. As she attempts to shove her understanding down his throat, he gives massive push back. Her attitude in this video speaks volumes. Newt nailed every point.




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  • jwb7605

    MeAgain is struggling to impersonate a nonbiased reporter/commentator. I give her a 3 on a scale of 10.

    • irish7_1sg

      “MeAgain”! EPIC!

    • ValH

      You are too kind. I give her -10. No wonder I turned off cable tv many years ago.

    • Beckah

      WOW! That’s 3 more than I EVER give “her”!

  • RCQ_92130

    I just so loathe Kelly! That was the very first time I have listened to her voice since the debate she corrupted, and am angry I was tricked into listening to her. Yeah, Newt slapped her back – but still she spewed forth her venom and I listened to it and I feel dirty and soiled as a result.

    Fox News used to be on my TV every day. It has not ONCE since Kelly made clear what Fox is. And it will not be again.

    • Ax2root

      Who is that woman to accuse Gingrich of ” anger issues” ? The feminist accusation of choice .

      She obviously is projecting her own issues.

      HANNITY is worth taping . And enjoy Fox journalists of Bret Baier, Jennifer Griffin, and some others. I stopped watching the Five And Kelly .
      Now enjoying OAN NETWORK and commentator there named Graham Ledger called “The Daily Ledger “

      • standingintime

        I left Fox for OAN… them because it’s news all day and there are only 2 opinionated shows on it – Graham Ledger and the Tipping Point.

      • Beckah

        I used to LOVE watching The Five, rarely missed it! Now, I might turn the TV on, but probably not. I still like Neil and Bret, but aside from those 2 hours, don’t even waste the energy!

        Gotten SO BORED with Hannity, I could script the show myself….”dirty air and dirty water, blah, blah”. I finally just gave up on him saying ANYTHING new and meaningful!

        We don’t get OAN, so it’s FOX (the conservative imposter) or CNN/MSNBC the wholly UN-AMERICANS!

  • BeautifulAmerica

    NOt even worth watching to see Newt in action. Kelly is now a has-been.

    • MaileO

      It was worth it to me..he exposed her hatred and continuous talk about sex and woman victims. Soon she will be writing another book that will be a failure like the last one. After the first debate, for some reason, she thought she nailed Trump to the cross but it backfired and she is still feeling that venom that she threw at him. When she was walking down the ramp at the first debate, she was telling viewers that this debate would change the election. All three of them (moderators) planned on dumping Trump and failed.

      • ValH

        Right?! all this talk about how Trump (allegedly) groped or kissed women, but be sure to keep Slick Willie in the closet and pretend he never did anything at all and that Killary didn’t sanction his behavior and actually protect him along the way…. HYPOCRITES!

  • Billy Two Knives

    She might as well have had a Hillary for President placard behind her. That little scrunt sure has that uppity, know it all attitude of an insufferable Liberal.

  • Larry

    As soon as Newt jumped on Kelley for calling Trump a sexual predator, she tried to change what she said. She is nothing more than a women’s liber, she has not changed one bit from the debate when she tried to run over Trump. One thing is for sure, she new she was beat when Newt was finished with her.

    If Fox News want to continue to give her show, they need to give her a 3 AM time slot, when no one will hear her rant.

    • Ax2root

      I never fast forward Newt. He has a historical perspective that is revealing and informative .

      And he doesn’t take bovine scatology

      • irish7_1sg

        I think Trump would have served his campaign well to have picked Newt as a running mate. I’ve always felt Gingrich was brilliant. Trump being new to politics, he could have had an answer to any “Beltway” question at arm’s length.

        • Ax2root

          He can still choose him for chief of staff or on Cabinet etc

          • Beckah

            I don’t think Newt would take either of those positions. I think it would have served Trump VERY WELL to have put him on as VP, he may be the ONE person that could have REALLY moved this election cycle in the RIGHT direction!

  • Lora Hubbel

    Megan Kelly drips with arrogance. Her voice has that same demonic screech that her idol, Hillary Clinton has. She is not a journalist….she is a wordsmith with PMS. I wonder how much she pays to keep the warts from growing off her nose or how much her monthly broom parking is.

    • [email protected]

      Love this comment. It hit the mark with Megyn Kelly. She started out great but has managed to slip off my curve of honest and reliable. And, Dana Perrino is another one. OMG – they gave her another show on Fox that I will not be watching. I do watch THE Five, but would like to see her dropped.

      • Beckah

        I gave up on The Five. Once Bob was gone and all they started filling the time with “you’re a racist” Rivera, that was enough. There isn’t enough Kimberly, and until recently Andrea, to make up for an HOUR of “you’re a racist” and Rivera LYING that he’s a registered (R)!

  • Huck Finn

    Megyn Kelley has become a vitriolic feminist since Trump won the nomination.

    i don’t get it. Donald Trump is not perfect and has made some mistakes in his past,but haven’t we all! Let those among you who is without sin cast the first stone.
    Megyn has become a mouthpiece for the Democrats agenda and is trying to destroy conservatism just because she detests Trump for his past mistakes.
    I’m sure she’s made a few mistakes in her life as well. She is now in her second marriage and it sounds like the first marriage didn’t suit her success oriented agenda, so she moved on and feigned infidelity which her ex husband emphatically denies.

  • Localdude

    I’m done with Kelly, when she’s on, I change the channel. It will just be a hate Trump and bully men segment. I was rooting for her to carry her own in the beginning….but whow…she attacks in ways no man would get away with. PLUS only a tidbit to any other point while CLEARLY progressive in viewpoint AND ‘pretending’ to be neutral. BS! I will be done with FOX if they shake it to skew it all political left – and it looks like they are doing just that with Ayers gone and Murdochs kids minding the den of snakes. Go ahead FOX – let the idiots take over and show you how to LOOSE MONEY. Hey! ‘I got a great idea – we’re making tons of money – for a very long time – lets change the formula!! lol…ya got to have gone to Harvard to be that smart these days!!….here it comes…NEW FOX….lol…idiots.

    • ValH

      I tuned in to see what Newt had to say, but what I got instead was MeAgain spewing her Bovine Scatology muahhahaha. If I wanted to watch her, I would have expected the headline to be ‘Listen to MeAgain and her campaign rhetoric for Killary’.
      Newt is a smart man. His IQ outweighs MeAgain by at least a bushel. He’s the one that brought Slick Willie to heel when it came to a balanced budget by holding $$ in appropriations until the @$$ ordered demonrats to sit down and negotiate like adults instead of throwing tantrums to get their way! Newt is AWESOME!

      • Localdude

        I agree. Newt is one solid guy, we don’t deserve him frankly. I think he was even a little sad in the end of the interview for her. She was just not smart enough or humble enough to see watch she is doing. Not educated enough to understand the mechanics of what she is doing. Not professional enough to see the ethics of what she is doing. Not disciplined enough to back off from bad ideas. Newt gave her credit for all of these things or he would not have challenged her. I think he looked a little sad for her, disappointed even.

  • yennikcm

    Kelley would fit right in with the ONION

  • sysadminpgh

    Does the stupid bytch understand that she is an ugly hasbeen!

  • NixTyranny

    Met. Her. Match. & then some!

  • sandsgrandmother

    Sad to see Fox News fall so low. Fox most certainly has a serious problem as well as the other news outlets on T.V. It would help if Fox news started cleaning their inner workings and act professional. Wearing fancy clothing, using big words does not make one a professional.

    Fox News should start by firing her and allowing her to switch over early to CNN.
    When Mr. Trump called her a Bimbo, what else do you call someone when they pose in pictures as she allowed herself to be and then have them spread everywhere ( as this.
    These pictures should have remained in private between she, her husband or whomever she is dating.

    • ValH

      I think you might want to walk-back the picture scenario as we KNOW that Mr. Trumps WIFE also has risque pics on the market.
      With MeAgain, her attitude and inability to actually interview rather than impose her own personal opinions is the main problem. SHE SUCKS AT HER JOB!

  • Joseph Cote

    Fox,,,going to loose ratings????

    • ValH

      They already have. They used to be the undisputed #1, but the last I looked they were rated something like #1400.
      You would think that would tell them something.

  • MAX1950

    is she still screwing brit hume

    • standingintime

      You know I heard this a couple of years back and wonder if it was really true…

    • Beckah

      Probably how he got the “OTR” show when Greta left!

  • Denny Hall

    I have enjoyed Megyn for some time, but now the end has come. Either she is going to move on or I am, most likely me. She is pretty much out of control. I suspect that her success has emboldened an inflated ego. I have no doubt that she has aspirations that go far beyond who and what she is at this time and will say whatever it takes (OMG! Just like a politician!) to reach her goal. It is so sad to see someone whom you have admired in the past seemingly go offtrack.

  • DCW left coast

    Megan is a dizzy b’ach . . . Stopped watching this loser after the first GOP debate . . .
    Not a frigin clue . . . another leftist loon !

  • Liberty

    Megan Kelly get over yourself. If you really want to help women, volunteer your time to litigate on behalf of women who are true victims of real sexual predators. If you live in a “bubble” or have a sheltered life the idea a man has never talked derogatory toward women or about women is naive; live in a real world!! You are willing tol condemn a man for something he said eleven years ago. Are you angry that he won’t submit to your tomfoolery? Do you have any respect for his family? If you are vying for a position elsewhere then just be up front about it or if you are voting for Hillary be up front about it but why vilify Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich? Why be surprised about Newt being tired of hearing your daily tripe regarding Donald Trump, we all are! Why say he has anger issues to cover perhaps your own issues. It does seem you are obsessed with the topic and perhaps more so with trying to take Donald Trump down. I saw how you tried to set Mike Pence up, at this point I shut the TV off. Focus Megan on the fact the election is about “we the people” not all of us live in the world of “beautiful people” but a country where we want to maintain what freedoms we have left!

  • BeautifulAmerica

    MEagain does have a producer or 2, and she takes orders from them, remember. And they all take orders from the TOP.
    Fox WANTS her this way or she’d be on a permanent vacation.

  • Beckah

    I CANNOT WAIT until she goes to MSNBC! Sick and tired of her taking up space that could be filled with a REAL CONSERVATIVE!