NH Democrats HECKLE Debbie Wasserman-Shultz And It’s AWESOME! #NHDems2016

NH Democrats HECKLE Debbie Wasserman-Shultz And It’s AWESOME! #NHDems

DNC Chair can’t get a word in edgewise and it’s lots of fun to watch!

Here is another angle from another event-goer!

Oh WAIT …… here’s one more before you leave:



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  • Jeff Noncent

    the DNC is not going to debate at all

    • Pete L

      should be mandatory, not a DNC choice

      • Jeff Noncent

        I have news for you, America is not capatilist any more, its a socialist, communist nation, and DNC is leading the way

        • Pete L

          Well, they can keep their Commie ideas to themselves. Strange how all those socialist/commies want us to give more to those who don’t have but NONE of them are giving up their wealth.

          • Jeff Noncent

            isn’t that the truth you are so right

  • What__Me_Worry

    Can someone please post what is being said in the Debbie Wasserman-Shultz videos? It would have been smart and considerate to have the words in the website since it’s so very difficult to understand over all of the background noise.

    • Lonnie

      “WE WANT THE CAKE!” “WE WANT THE CAKE!” Liberals want the cake and eat it too! In other words, they don’t believe in sharing anything of THEIRS but, they expect you to share YOURS with every freeloader! Remember when moochelle said “Somebody is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so others can have MORE?”

      • urbanvrwcmom

        Leftists themselves take the cake!

      • Penelope


      • Lance Lucius

        Keep Michael oops I mean Michele away from any cake, lobsters, your wallet or anything else you wouldn’t want ingested by the left.

      • MaryJ.

        And she definitely meant conservatives because liberals want equality but not from them. Like they want us to be green but do not give up their private jets (Al Gore).

    • http://Hardnoxandfriends.com/ Terry

      It’s “We want debates!”
      But DWS knows that would expose their idiot candidates.

    • What__Me_Worry

      My wife thought they were chanting “We want Bernie”. Thanks for all the replies.

      • pepjrp

        She is kind of right as many do and that is why they want a debate. A chance to boot Hillary out. Maybe a few for O’Malley.

    • sparkleplenty27

      WE WANT TED (O’Malley)

  • BeautifulAmerica

    So the democraps are chanting “USA, USA” now? Whilst doing everything they can to destroy it???

    • R G

      They are saying “We want Debates! We want Debates!”

      • sparkleplenty27

        no they were not – they were saying WE WANT TED (as in O’Malley)

        • Lance Lucius

          Ok, whatever they chant is still retarded.

        • Donald J. Powell

          Who in their right mind would want Tax O’Malley?

    • Regina Carey

      They were chanting “we want debates,” not USA, USA. This reminds of the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Will we possibly see another one like that where people were being assaulted on the convention floor?

      • carlcasino

        Not a chance the Free Kill Zone signs are in play and you know the Democraps never Lie, Cheat or Steal, Publicly anyway.

        • ThereAintNoJustice

          You’re funny…. I think that, unlike Chicago in ’68, the Philly cops will be better prepared. Not saying the BLMs and the Farrakhanites and Sharptonites won’t try.

    • pepjrp

      Democrats at a venue like this, would never chant “USA” in a 1000 years.

      • sparkleplenty27

        they were yelling WE WANT TED –

    • Lance Lucius

      Poor idiot things don’t have anything else to chant about.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    It’s amazing that they didn’t go after the shrew with torches and pitchforks. My bad, the torches and pitchforks are only aimed at conservatives.

  • Webb

    Since Hillary chose to run Again…hasn’t Democrats already decided to Rerun her!
    Evidently the voting Democrats didn’t get the Message…
    Heckle On…

  • Penelope

    Just so I understand…LOL, “it’s MORE important to tear down Republicans than to debate their own issues and clear up where each of their candidates stand?” Is that what she was saying? …and we’re stupid.

    • Penelope


    • Lance Lucius

      They know their base is stupid, and are afraid to have a debate to show the Independents and Republicans just how morally corrupt and stupid they really are. There must be at least ONE democrat that can see through the bullshit, one that must have a bullshit detector, at least it may be a possibility.

      • Nunnyah Biz

        Oh there might be one, but if they speak out, it’s SLAM, right under the bus!

      • Justsomedude58

        The ones that figured that are now registered independents and republicans.

    • Nunnyah Biz

      That’s what their controllers, and hollywood, have scripted for this debacle known as the 2016 campaign!

      And we have 14 more months of this garbage to endure! Where are my hipboots? The pooh is going to get deep!

  • pepjrp

    I thought they were saying…”We want to be gay!” … like our president.

    • Lance Lucius

      You might be on to something, they fit the bill.

  • Two Deer

    Astonished to see how few people realize the dems are refusing to debate.

  • Clay Heatley

    this is same group that Booed God.

    • frankenbiker

      That alone say’s a lot about the DNC and their platform.

    • Justsomedude58

      Yes they did. They booed God and Israel.


    Debate what?…….the ills of being a thieving socialist, spiting on American values, the rule of law and supporting commies?

    • Lance Lucius

      They could lay out exactly how they want to destroy our Country, and the libtards would cheer it.

  • frankenbiker

    Yeah doing donkey shows in in the comfort of your barn.

  • Ipmc Moose

    I think the Commies were saying they want rebates in addition to all the other free stuff we are paying for them…

  • FlyTyer2

    Who knows just what these nit-wits were yelling. I did notice a lot of hands went up when Miss Eggbeater Hair asked for a show of hands.

    I wish Allen West were to pay more attention to what is posted on his web-site. Foolish posting such as this one with no facts to back up the Insinuations simply show the level of stupidity held by his contributing reporters

  • Nunnyah Biz

    The coyotes are turning on their own! I can’t wait for the feast!

  • Heylottylotty

    The Democrat “leaders” are promoting a woman who is a liar, a law breaker, a conspirator to murder in Benghazi, a socialist supporter of federal run schools and more. Also they promote a man who is a proven and self proclaimed socialist who lies to get the black vote, who demands more taxes for socialist projects, who holds our Constitution as outdated, and more. These are the “forerunners” and still the Demo party doesn’t want the public to hear/see them debate (they don’t get to know “until they are voted in”)…. “Shades of Obamacare, Batman”. Lemmings. That’s what they remind me of. Democrat voters who knee jerk on family tradition, not what is best for the nation as a whole.

  • Rob

    Why are they chanting “we want Che”