No, You Don’t Have the “Right” to do whatever you want

The Constitution sustains the self-evident truth that rights are determined by what is given and by whom. Rights are not subjective or fluid. They are constant reminders that using them is a responsibility and privilege.

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If people can define, grant and protect human rights, they also can redefine, constrain and/or eliminate them. If people can create equal living, learning, and economic environments, equal levels of human intelligence, athleticism, aptitude or any other quality, then people could redefine, alter, limit, or eliminate such classifications of equality.

However, if human rights are God-given, then human rights and equality of human beings pre-exist any manmade law. Human, civil, and legal rights would not be inherently subjectively based on personal preferences, feelings, or choices– which frequently change.

Yet if the responsibility, privilege and duty to self-govern were given to people by God, then neither the government nor the people could “do whatever they want.” Human rights are not human creations, therefore they cannot be taken away by people or leaders of any government.

Human rights, freedom, and liberty are given to not made by people. If people have not created rights they cannot take them away.


Constitution: No, You Don’t Have the “Right” to do whatever you want ⋆ The Constitution

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  • sandraleesmith46

    Rights, and free will choice, also God-given, carry personal accountability. Libs HATE the concept of personal accountability, as much as they hate anyone having any freedom but themselves.