North Korea claims it could wipe out Manhattan with THIS?

“The city would burn down to ashes,” Pyongyang said, continuing its drumbeat of threats.


As Written By Anna Fifield, The Washington Post:

North Korea claimed Sunday that it could wipe out Manhattan by sending a hydrogen bomb on a ballistic missile to the heart of New York City, the latest in a string of brazen threats.

Although there are many reasons to believe that Kim Jong Un’s regime is exaggerating its technical capabilities, the near-daily drumbeat of boasts and warnings from North Korea underlines its anger at efforts to thwart its ambitions.


North Korea claims it could wipe out Manhattan with a hydrogen bomb – The Washington Post



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  • carlcasino

    Scarred me to death! I thought he figured out how to re-elect O’Bozo. Maybe he has. He has loosed the dogs of hell against Trump, so a Progressive Establishment type can maintain the status quo in the Big Government, Big Business and Big Media Club.
    Way too much Money involved to let a known Billionaire move in and bust up the Playhouse. The DNC is in panic mode because Bernie is making the Liar in chief move to her rightful place, so far Left that even the Socialist Party would have to move left to claim her. The RNC is in the same boat. The Donald is rocking the boat and the Money guys are having to see their proctologist daily instead of yearly.

  • Ken Arts

    Does North Korea forget we used the first one,? and we have many more of them , probably some with their name on them, since the 50’s. We also know where they live, and have air mail too. Do they really want to take up smoking at this stage of the game?