North Korea THREATENS the United States

North Korea threatens attacks on the United States and South Korea if they carry on with planned military exercises. While nothing new, the North Korean threats are in response to the largest exercise ever to be carried out by the two nations in a joint exercise. 


North Korea threatens to carry out attacks on ‘mainland America’ if the US carries out planned military drill with South Korean troops

    • US and South Korea joint military drill will be their largest ever together
    • South Korea drills will involve 15,000 US troops, up from 3,700 last year
    • South Korea will commit some 290,000 military personnel to the drills
    • The exercises will include a staged ‘pre-emptive strike’ on North Korea

North Korea has threatened to attack ‘mainland America’ if the U.S. carries out a planned military drill with South Korean troops next month.

The secretive state has reacted with anger after it was revealed more than 300,000 American and South Korean troops were planning to hold their biggest ever annual exercise following the North’s nuclear tests earlier this year.

It is said the parallel Key Resolve and Foal Eagle exercises will include a staged ‘pre-emptive strike’ against the North – apparently leaving leader Kim Jong-Un seething.

Pyongyang has said if there is even a ‘slight sign’ of such exercises taking place, it will use all its might to hit back – claiming the first target would be South Korea’s presidential Blue House, while U.S. military bases in Asia and in America would be its secondary targets.

The Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army said in a statement carried by state media: ‘All the powerful strategic and tactical strike means of our revolutionary armed forces will go into preemptive and just operation to beat back the enemy forces to the last man if there is a slight sign of their special operation forces and equipment moving to carry out the so-called ‘beheading operation’ and ‘high-density strike’.’

This is the latest in a series of inflammatory statements from the North, and military-muscle flexing activities by the South and U.S. since the dictatorship conducted its fourth nuclear test despite international condemnation.




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  • Colorado Hunter

    This North Korean upstart of a pup doesn’t seem to understand the concept of mutually assured destruction that the world lived under for so long. He may have a couple of fire crackers to pop off. And it may leave a mark. I don’t think he has thought past that point. That’s when the Ass Kicking starts!

  • Morduin00

    LOL…finally, goodbye California!

  • frankenbiker

    One tin horn dictator threatening ano5her tin horn dictator. Problem is the goatfcker in the black mosque is such a coward that he’ll bow down tto the Korean dictator, maybe even suck his lower appendage, then apologize for biting or dragging his teeth.