North Korea Threatens U.S? With What?

The most insecure government in the world, North Korea, is rattling its biggest sabers this time. Not content with regular dictator posturing, Kim Jong-Un has promised indiscriminate nuclear missile strikes against the United States and South Korea.

It is debatable?

1. Does he have the missile to do this, and;

2. Does he have a nuclear warhead? U.S. and South Korean exercises begin soon. I would say that North Korea has won the toss and elected to receive.

North Korea threatens US

As Reported By YAHOO! NEWS:

N. Korea threatens pre-emptive nuclear strike on South, US:

Seoul (AFP) – North Korea threatened “indiscriminate” nuclear strikes against South Korea and the US mainland, as the two allies prepared to kick off large-scale joint military drills on Monday.

The threat to carry out what it described as a “pre-emptive nuclear strike of justice” was made in a statement by the North’s powerful National Defence Commission, citing the Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army (KPA).

It came just days after leader Kim Jong-Un ordered the country’s nuclear arsenal to be placed on standby for use “at any moment,” in response to tough new UN sanctions imposed over the North’s fourth nuclear test in January and last month’s long-range rocket launch.

Pyongyang has issued dire warnings of nuclear attack in the past, usually during periods of elevated military tensions on the divided Korean peninsula.

While the North is known to have a small stockpile of nuclear warheads, experts are divided about its ability to mount them on a working missile delivery system.

The National Defence Commission described the annual South Korea-US military exercises as “undisguised nuclear war drills” that threatened the North’s national sovereignty, and vowed an all-out offensive in response to “even the slightest military action.”




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  • wally1121

    I’d say “bomb ’em back to the stone age”, that that’s only a 15 minute retreat.

  • oohdale

    Let it rip Tator chip, we will bomb you so fast that your hair will melt.

    • JDW

      Naw, o,criminal would just give him more money!

      • metheoldsarge

        Perhaps he will give the North Koreans half of our standing nuclear weapons and missiles to level the playing field.

  • sandraleesmith46

    We’ve held “war games” over there for over 60 years without a single attempt to invade; little Kimmie’s lies don’t fly! He is the aggressor here, period!