Now He’s Fierce? Boehner Unloads on GOP’s ‘False Prophets’

Now He’s Fierce? Why is it that John Boehner has no problem before the elections discussing ALL the things they will accomplish with a Republican controlled Congress, then we give it to him and we get nowhere. Now, he has the audacity to make these statements?

Soon to be Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner unloaded on the supposed, GOP’s ‘False Prophets’ watch!

In his first one-on-one interview since his resignation announcement, Speaker John Boehner blasted right-wing lawmakers and groups as ‘false prophets’ who ‘whip people into a frenzy’ to make legislative demands that ‘are never going to happen.’

The Ohio Republican also declared that there won?t be a government shutdown this week, though he’s sure it will take Democratic votes to pass a temporary funding extension.

Boehner also reflected on his four-and-a-half years as speaker, emotionally described Pope Francis’ visit last week as a moment of clarity for him, and spoke generally about his legislative plans over the next month before he departs.

Boehner unloads on GOP false prophets

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