NSA Chief: Clinton’s Private Server Was ‘Opportunity’ for Foreign Spies

NSA Chief: Clinton’s Private Server Was ‘Opportunity’ for Foreign Spies

Senator Tom Cotton asked, “If an NSA employee came up to you and said, ‘Hey, boss, we have reason to believe that Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov or Iranian foreign minister Javad Sarif is conducting official government business on a private server, how would you respond?”

Rogers waited sometime before replying. “Uh . . . from a foreign intelligence perspective, that represents an] opportunity,” he finally said.

NSA Chief Clintons Private Server Target for Foreign Spies



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  • lokiswife

    And in the meantime we are expected to believe that the server stored in a bathroom closet was secure, unhackable and all her classified emails were safe and protected…and she honestly deleted only the 30,000 emails from Bill (who said he never sent her any emails) and others discussing yoga, weddings and personal stuff? Somewhere in China or North Korea or in the middle east, they are still laughing at how easy it was to get all the info they wanted….

  • Judith Van Doren

    bill and hillary have committed treason over and over. bill gave or sold to china intel that helped china succeed in several key computer programs, used against USA. hillary has now sold out USA through various donations and thru allowing classified into to be shared with our enemies, any enemy who wants it can have it. Add obama to the mix, and we have key people, still walking around and asking for bids on USA. What is shown in this comment is only the tip of the iceberg.