NY POST: Hackers who leaked DNC files also broke into Clinton Foundation 

This is where all the things we need to know are placed. The Clinton Foundation a.k.a. The Clinton Global Initiative. Let’s hope this continues all the way through until November.

As Written By Daniel Halper for the New York Post:

The same hackers who penetrated the Democratic National Committee also succeeded in breaking into the Clinton Foundation, it was disclosed Tuesday.

The news broke just as leaks from the DNC hack — which was disclosed last week — began to appear online.

The perpetrators were said to have “links to the Russian government,” according to Bloomberg News, which first reported that the foundation had been compromised.

“The hackers in fact sought data from at least 4,000 individuals associated with US politics — party aides, advisers, lawyers and …..

Full Story Here:

Hackers who leaked DNC files also broke into Clinton Foundation | New York Post



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  • Christie

    Waiting for the Republican secrets to come out. This can’t just be a one sided fiasco. There is a lot of crooks Washington!

    • manstrom

      You’ll have a long wait. Lol Neither Trump nor Pence were Washington insiders. The Dems are evil and rotten to the core.

      • Christie

        You don’t have to be a Washington insider to be corrupt. I don’t think all business owners are honest, especially when you do and say anything at any cost to win.

        • Jay Star

          Greed rules! Always has and always will, period. End of story!

          • Christie

            Where there is greed, there is corruption.

          • Russ Henry

            Because a person is successful does not mean they’re greedy … provide the right product, service etc, if you do it well people pay dollars for it – the money follows … most business owners don’t look exclusively at the dollars they may make … they are usually driven by a vision or creation that, if done properly and managed well, brings them a good living and in some cases massive wealth … they don’t start out saying they’ll make millions or billions … they just want to be successful …

          • Christie

            greed and being successful are two different issues.

    • Alan Tuttle

      If there was indeed a hack that work against the GOP, it would have been exposed by now. The conventions are the perfect time to release information like the DNC emails. I can’t see any good exposing the GOP helping from hereon because the GOP have already decided on the ticket. Anything that spills out of the GOP might embarrass the party, but we have to remember now that Trump, much like Bernie Sanders, were not originally members of their respective parties, therefore a spillage would have affected maybe Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio more if they were GOP picks, but not much with Trump.

      • Christie

        It takes time to sift emails but why was Donald Trump still donating to Hillary up to this last April? That is questionable.

        • Myke Huntz

          Why are you trying to steer away from the main topic? Hillary Clinton!

          ALSO, Trump wasn’t a PAID civil servant, he was a Business man operating between Left and Right – and had an obligation to his employees and his family to take care of his business – like EVERY GOOD Business man needs to do when having to work with dirty career politicians.

          • Christie

            Some businessmen do not have shady dealings with the mob either in their history. I don’t see that Trump will be any different than Hillary when you place the issues side by side. Have his taxes been released yet?

          • kdinca

            No. He’s waiting for Hillary to release the Wall Street Speeches Boxed Set collection where should told them I got you covered. Don’t you boys worry, just keep writing checks to my Foundation. She is running out of different sides of her mouth to speak from.

            I do love how the Dems are lowering the bar to amazingly low levels. This is not a women that should be in charge of anything. Period.

          • Christie

            I don’t disagree about Hillary at all but for me Trump is No better. Too much out there but not spoken of like not supporting all of the 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments. He does not support individual property rights, small Government and the list continues. Will be voting differently.

          • paul cuzz

            The things about Trumps taxes is even though they arent public they have been looked at by the IRS and you can bet that this admin has already looked at them. If there was anything illegal the IRS would have come down on Trump, he isnt a Clinton.

          • Christie

            Trust the IRS? No thank you.

    • Bug eater 357

      Hillary is the biggest. The Clinton Foundation is the biggest pay-to-play and influence peddling scheme in history.

      • Christie

        Only political so waiting on the rest of the business schemes.

    • Harleyrose

      If they had ANYTHING on Mr.Trump, it would already be out.
      The IRS has been investigating him for years and still have nothing….except holding his tax returns in limbo so he CAN’T release them!

      • Christie

        Trump can release the tax records any time he wants legally. Research

    • Joyce Carol Williams Luffman

      maybe…but she had unsecure server in her home doing government business….everyone she emailed with along with the president for the world to see….state secrets and harmed top secrets….she needs to be in prison along with her rapist husband….soon the releash of her foundation…her pay to play will be out soon…

  • catb55

    Get your popcorn ready!

  • TLB73737

    Code can be replicated and IPs spoofed. While this does provide some circumstantial evidence pointing to a Russian connection, more evidence must be gathered before a conclusive decision can be reached.

    • me and only me

      That is a great point!

    • Alan Tuttle

      It really depends on what the hacker wants to leave behind. If he was breaking in to a bank or the NSA, then I can see the hacker wanting to cover his tracks. But, a hacker can also be one that is hacking as an advocate for a cause, meaning not only is he after certain information to exploit, but he also wants his location to be known. Eric Snowden is a prime example of this, where he never once consider hiding his identity. I think this is the type of hacker we’re dealing with – one that is in support of what WikiLeaks is doing, and that is supporting Bernie Sanders while trying to shut down Hillary. That has always been the pattern here: WikiLeaks, Anonymous, Lucifer – all of these groups and individuals are usually on the side of socialism (the Pirate Party in Sweden is a good example.) The comedy of all of this is that it really helps the Republicans more than the progressives or socialists. So, I truly do believe that these hackers are indeed from Russia, and probably are working under Putin.

      • catsresq

        Edward Snowden is more of a “whistle blower” than a hacker from the WikiLeaks crowd. WikiLeaks guys are hardly socialism gurus, there are different people among them with different political views. Yes, they want to take down the corrupt American government which has amassed so much power over its citizens and is in a corrupt partnership with corporations and the very wealthy. however, As many people know now, (and certainly these hackers), capitalism and large corporations are not the problem. It is the government officials who choose to take bribes, make deals and create laws which benefit select rich people and corporations that is the problem. Without the government’s role in these perks, laws, bribery, deals, etc these guys would be treated the same way as the others.The politicians who are being “helped” by these hackers are those who the “establishment” of both parties fear will change the status quo. There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats anymore, that is an illusion that unfortunately a fair number of people still believe and others try to convince us of. The big bad Russians have their own problems with their own hackers. Putin is a grab bag for bad things we need to blame on somebody. We Americans believe that every country is interested in all our affairs, especially Russians. These countries have their own problems, that they are more concerned with, REALLY-LOL As far as Putin goes, I think Snowden was a problem he didn’t really want or know what to do with (kind of like a thorn in his side). Of course he probably interrogated the guy, etc, but he has his hands full keeping all the crazy Russian nationalists at bay and improving the Russian economy. He also has Muslim terrorists to deal with, like us and wants to keep his leadership position.

    • Stephen Adams

      Private servers can be hacked………….

  • get-it-on

    I don’t give a $hit if Russian hackers leaked this or it is a divine revelation from God, this is epic and should bring down the entire Clinton $hithouse.

    • Crystal

      It should, but it won’t! Our Government sold their souls to the Devil when they voted Obama in!

  • swede johnson

    I know Anonymous was out to get hillary. Maybe they are behind it all. Keep digging boys!!!!!!!!