The Oakland Protest and Riots NOT about Trump?

Oakland residents express the feeling that the riots have NOTHING to do with Donald Trump. While they generously attribute to the frustrations, I cannot help but feel that there are other things at work here. One thing is the criminal element that always wants to take advantage of any civil breakdown. The other is that it is organized to impact Donald Trump and intimidate his support base.

As written by Joel Pollack for Breitbart: 

Protests and riots exploded across California and throughout the nation for the third night after Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the presidential election. In Oakland, the East Bay Times reports, the rioting is almost out of control.

However, the link between the protests and the election is increasingly unclear. “This has nothing to do with Trump,” one resident told the Times. “It was just an excuse for people who want to get their frustrations out. It makes me feel really bad for my city.”

Other residents quoted by the Times agreed:

“This just breaks us down and it doesn’t pertain to anything,” said Serrita….

Full story here:

Oakland Residents: Riots Have ‘Nothing to Do with Trump’ – Breitbart



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  • Proud_to_be_American

    It pertains to george soros paying those troglodytes to get martial law enacted so he can press home his New Wrold Order Agenda!

    • Richard

      Fully agree, G. Soros funds, Black Lives Matter and other groups…it is just sad to see R younger generation disintegrated to the point where they can not see the truth if it hit them square in the forehead.
      In the words of President Ronald Reagan,

      “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.
      It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

  • Nunnyah Biz

    And this is just the beginning of the end!

    • kerijay

      When they start destroying property the fire dept should bring in the fire trucks and open the hoses.

  • NewWest 123

    And Soros has been running the show for years! He moved into the Whitehouse a long time ago!

  • frankenbiker

    Sorry don’t give a crap about a bunch of lowbrow, mentally deficient , liberal pansy ass cry babies. If they want to burn their towns and homes to the ground, fcking let em, their loss. Just don’t think that we’re going to keep flipping the bill to rebuild it all for you degenerages.

    • ValH

      That’s the problem, we keep paying to rebuild after their tantrums from not getting their way instead of letting them wallow in their pit of destruction.

      • frankenbiker

        Exactly, these morons have gotten away with all their sht because Owevomit and his regime endorse and reinforce this entitlement crap. I say let em live in the ruins. Fck em all, owevomit included, he’s a flaming piece of camel sht.

  • Dave In Arizona

    “The Oakland Protest and Riots NOT about Trump?”

    It’s our old friends the Communist ‘Action Squads’ at work. The key word pointed out in the introduction was / is intimidation.

  • GoldenGirl2u

    These people should all be arrested, this is what almost 8 years of Obama has gotten us along with the Democrats and the likes of Soros, Black Lives Matters, spoiled college kids who don’t have a clue as to what is going on and need to grow up and other criminal parties. The damage cost should come out of their pockets along with fines and jail time. Enough of this crap. If they want that kind of society send them to the countries that have that and leave the U.S. alone. Don’t want or need these people in this country.

  • dhd123

    The National Guard with live ammo……

  • doglover

    This is what has happened since we started giving into thugs since the LA riots. They didn’t like the way the jury came out with the Rodney King trial and so they rioted and destroyed the city. Even when they pulled the poor white guy out of his truck and beat him senseless did they take it seriously. They had the two worst guys on video and found them, but the judge said they were “upset” and so didn’t have to pay any consequences. What a terrible idea that was! We have continued down the same road with riots and pillaging and we let the thugs get away with anything they want to do. We should be the bottom line (at the very least) to stop the violence and show everyone that our laws should be followed. But we have not done that. No wonder no one respects authority. We, as a nation, don’t seem to respect it ourselves. It has got to stop now!