Obama Admin Abruptly Grounds Drones 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Republican Sen. John Cornyn, and U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) want Jeh Johson to explain why the drones are grounded on the Mexican border. They are paid for through 2017. Why has DHS suddenly reduced he effectiveness of border security? The world wonders.

As Written by Mary Lou Lang-Byrd for Lifezette:

Three top Texas government officials, including one Democrat, are questioning the Department of Homeland Security’s border security measures after a report showed the agency ended an aerial surveillance program on the Mexican border.

Operation Phalanx, which was fully funded through 2017, was quietly shut down by the DHS, according to a recent report by watchdog.org. The aerial surveillance program intercepted illegal crossings and drugs on the border of Mexico.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Republican Sen. John Cornyn, and U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) in a letter to DHS Secretary Jeh Johhson requested information on aerial-based border security measures the agency is employing — especially in light of an uptick in migrant crossings this month and this year so far that are reportedly higher than last year’s crossings.

Their letter on Tuesday also pointed out that the DHS had not requested any flight hours from the Department of Defense, which supports the program, for the calendar year 2017…..

Full story Here:

Lawless Border: Obama Admin Abruptly Grounds Drones | LifeZette



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  • Scott Roberts

    If it is not OBVIOUS, it is to ALLOW
    MORE ILLEGALS TO CROSS- including terrorists and criminals. MORE

    • Beckah

      How else can we get a good attack on our homeland to justify “martial law” before King Hussein must abdicate his throne?
      It is truly frightening HOW MUCH MORE DAMAGE this regime can cause before January 20, 2017!

  • J. Moore

    Hahaha. They’re all in bed together. Yeah. Trumpster, too. Appointing establishment clowns and billionaires to his cabinet. Do a little research on his Education Secretary. Specifically, saying that because she’s rich her opinion counts more than others, and that the working class are peons. Says she is against common core, after she was for it, but supports and lobbies for government mandated standards in education. What the heck is common core, lady? MAGA. At least for one week. Hahaha… Still hoping this freak show can pull a rabbit out of his hat. So far it’s been the same hot air… As for Oblamo, doesn’t this just fit right in with the destruction of America theme?

    • Beckah

      What does Trump’s cabinet picks have to do with grounded drones? Oh, I see, you finally get to it with the last sentence in the novel! The destruction will not end until at least January 20, 2017, and even then I would bet there are plenty of “surprises” coming! Oh no, we have not seen the last of King Hussein!

      • J. Moore

        You lost me until I realized my comment got posted under the wrong article. Can’t believe you were still able to tie it to this particular story. Nice. 😉

  • JackisBack

    The Commucrats show that if they can’t win an election, they will destroy the country before handing it over.

  • Cordstreet

    It appears drones are effective and that’s why Barry’s Admiinistration don’t like them.