Obama and 2016 Dems: DEAD SILENT

At no time in our history have such events occurred and been greeted with such silence from the White House and Democrats. Our Force in Blue has always been held in honor and respect through out the nations history. Aided and abetted by the drive by media and the progressive agenda, liberal politicians seek gain on the bodies of our nations police forces. When is enough, enough? Read more in this fine article.


From  FoxNews.com:

‘Deafening silence:’ Obama, 2016 Dems mum on recent police deaths

A Fargo police officer fatally shot responding to a routine domestic disturbance call. A 25-year police veteran killed while trying to serve a warrant outside Atlanta. These are just the latest tragedies of cops murdered while performing their sworn duty — “to protect and serve.”
But while President Obama and the Democratic candidates vying to succeed him are putting America’s police departments on trial in the court of public opinion in response to a rash of deadly police shootings, the murder of police officers on America’s streets is being met with a “deafening silence.”

“I cannot recall any time in recent years when six law enforcement professionals have been murdered by gunfire in multiple incidents in a single week,” National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund CEO Craig W. Floyd said in a statement Friday. “Already this year there have been eight officers shot and killed, compared to just one during the same period last year and represents a very troubling trend.”




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  • AttMore

    Thank God,evil obola’s time is up and his evil minions…..

    • FIRE1949

      Unfortunately, the fat lady has not sang yet……..for all intent and purpose, I have lost faith in our “checks-and-balances” within the government.
      Two things in history match with our current political environment, the time period leading up to the American Revolution, and the period leading to Nazi Germany and WW II.
      We, the American People, may be faced with a “pick one” option.
      PRAY for America.

      • AttMore

        I’m still praying,also God’s Word says,”Don’t trust in man,trust in the Lord……..God Bless you and yours…..

  • ezkl2230

    By their silence, they believe they are issuing a silent rebuke to the firearms community. “There is nothing for us to say. If you had let us pass our gun control to disarm the law-abiding, none of this would have happened in the first place.” Pure poppycock, as the illegal use of firearms proves the shooters have no regard for the rule of law to begin with.

    • irished

      Bullshit. The cops killers are not lawful.gun owners. America you better buy your guns and ammo now while you still can. They will put a 500% sales tax on them if they get to keep the White house.