Obama Declares ISIS ‘Contained’

Obama: ISIS Is Not Getting ‘Stronger,’ We Have ‘Contained’ Them!



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  • urbanvrwcmom

    If ISIS is contained, I’m an anorexic, drop dead gorgeous, blonde, blue-eyed, filthy rich supermodel! Ovomit and ISIS are not to be trusted as far as they can be thrown. Join me in praying for healing of those affected by the terrorist attacks in Paris. May the Lord sustain them with His Grace while restraining the hands of those causing harm.

  • WilliamSpires

    By contained I think he means he has positioned them to do the most damage, concealed among the sane of the population.

  • ADR

    They are contained alright; inside our borders at 23 training camps. Where is the FBI, besides trying to protect Hillary from prosecution? And is allowing thousands of Syrians to enter our borders through New Orleans part of protecting us from terrorists?