Obama keeps his promise, Holds Photo-Op to Veto defense bill 

Obama used his veto pen on the National Defense Authorization Act.




As Reported By Jordan Fabian for The Hill:

President Obama on Thursday took the rare step of vetoing a major defense policy bill, upping the stakes in a face-off with Republicans over government spending.

Obama used his veto pen on the National Defense Authorization Act during a photo-op in Oval Office.

“I’m going to be vetoing this authorization bill, I’m going to be sending it back to Congress, and my message to them is very simple: let’s do this right,” Obama said.


FULL STORY CONTINUES HERE: Obama vetoes defense bill | TheHill



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  • Ronald E. Rowley

    The very fundamental principle of government is the protection of the governed, otherwise having government isn’t logical, but I imagine that such thinking is beyond the intellectual capability of our chief executive. To both acquire and maintain the protection of the governed in its essence is the business of the Department of Defense, the State Department, the Department of the Treasury and whatever department one would logically place the FBI and the CIA. Other departments subserviant to these few because they do not have a leading role in protecting citizens are Commerce, Labor, and Interior. That’s it! All the phoney departments that do not have anything whatever to do with protecting our citizens ought to be scrapted saving a lot of money for our treasury as it may be needed to fund wars for our protection. The one exception is Social Security which contains the contributions of citizens for their eventual retirement and health support.

  • Hotnike

    Is it time for a military coup??

    • Noneyabiz

      Past time. WAY past time.

  • jim scofield

    So once again Obola violates his oath of office
    by not funding for the defense of the United States.

  • Judith Van Doren

    obama is committing treason by his veto. But, then he committs treason every day, has been committing treason every day since he took office. In the meantime, he has vacated same office by not obeying law and Constitution, while being supported by the democrat party, boehner, mcconnell, reid, pelosi, etal. obama is our enemy.